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Stop Pretending There is a “War” On Christmas.

Do you know what war is? This.. thing, this issue non-issue over people saying Merry Christmas to you in the stores, is not a war. And if you thought this was over, just Google the news for “War on Christmas”.

I repeat, this is not a war. By any stretch of the imagination. There are no people being murdered. There are no bombs randomly exploding, there are no gross human rights violations happening here. In fact,  every time I see one of those “Keep the Christ in Christmas” car magnets, I cringe a bit. Who ever said you couldn’t have your Christ? All I recall seeing is people asking to not have it shoved down their throats all winter in public places.

I don’t personally give a shit if people want to run around saying “Merry Christmas” on Christmas, or put up shrines to the baby Jesus or whatever on their lawns, but I draw the line at setting up a manger scene on a state building, unless you are going to put up a shrine for every religion that has a holiday in December. Why can’t you just put up lights and snowmen and call it a day?

Why is it such a big deal? Why do some religions insist that they are so much better than everyone else? That they deserve shrines all over the place? Yes, I have heard that there is a large majority of Christians in this country. I have heard the argument that we are a christian nation, and as such should be able to put Christ wherever we you want him.

It’s crap. We  are actually a nation that was founded on the principals of separation of church and state. And, despite popular belief, not everyone in this country is some kind of Christian.  And so we shouldn’t even be having this conversation, as a nation. We should all agree that people can put whatever displays they want on their own properties, and say whatever they want –when they are not working in a grocery store– and move on.

You are not better than your neighbor that is Jewish, or Pagan or an Athiest, or a Santa worshipper. You do not deserve special treatment because you are a Christian. You would not like it if people started telling you “Happy Hannukkah”  or “Happy Kwanzaa” every time you went to Wal-Mart to buy Twinkies.   So, please, forget about this imaginary war and just enjoy the season. Enjoy your celebrations, if you celebrate. Enjoy your family. Be at peace. And shut up about this non-issue.



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You Contribute to my Road Rage.

I confess. I have a rather severe case of road rage. And an easily identifiable car, which makes for some interesting life experiences.

For example, once I drove around some woman who was going Twenty-five miles  per hour in a place where the speed limit was fifty. I went around her. That is all. I didn’t cut her off, or beep at her, or give her the finger. I just passed her.

As it turns out, she was dropping her snotty redneck spawn child off at the same preschool I was dropping my own child off at.  And she decides, while walking through a class full of 3 year old children, as I am passing her with my four year old, she decides it would be a good idea to mutter under her breath to me, “Learn to drive, bitch.

Classy, huh?

I was just so floored by this that I didn’t know what to say. Later, of course, I came up with all sorts of cool comebacks, but at the time I was just speechless. Oh my god, I went around her! She was going twenty five miles per hour! How this makes me the bitch who can’t drive, I will never understand.

This pissed me off for like, a week.  I know.

Living in Florida is not helping matters. I believe that people who are driving should be driving. Preferably at or above the posted speed limits. You should not be texting your mother, eating your big-mac,  writing your novel, applying your makeup, or in most cases, talking, if you can not actually drive while doing so.  If you are capable of multitasking, more power to you, but if you can’t handle holding a conversation AND changing lanes, don’t do it.

Also, if you have a stupid sticker on your car, I will cut you off.  I can’t help it.  Expressing your appreciation for something, even something I think is stupid, is fine. Put  ” I heart Chihuahua’s” stickers on your car to your hearts content. You can even support political causes and I won’t care.

But when you start putting homophobic hate bullshit, racist drivel or even  what is apparently pro assassination propaganda on your car, you deserve to be cut off, at the very least.

(Wow, in searching for these, I got a frightening glimpse of the stupidity that is out there. Holy shit. See for yourself.)

On the way home from buying  groceries I was assaulted by about 12 stupid bumper stickers during my 4.2 mile drive, including one that claims ” God says: Marriage is for one man and one woman.”

You know what? I had all these witty things to say, but what it comes down to is this. Fuck you.

Fuck your homophobic bullshit. The fact that you have nothing better to do with your money then waste it on stickers that show the world just what a sad, worthless douchetruck you are is pathetic. There is no way, that two people of the same sex getting married is ever going to affect your actual life in any way whatsofuckingever. And if your god really thinks this is such a sticker-worthy issue, fuck him too. This kind of ignorant bullshit is why I  hate most organized religions.

I need a bumper sticker that says ” Religion: Promoting hate and stupidity since 1200 B.C.”

But then I’d be just as guilty. People have the right to worship as they choose, that’s fine, (it gives me things to bitch about) but stop shoving your ignorant views down the throat of society. Stop promoting hate and intolerance.

I’m resisting the urge to run you off the road. For now.

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It’s not new if its old.

If you are looking for the story, its gone. Not gone forever, it may reappear someplace else eventually. But it is gone from here. Part of trying to reinvent myself involves letting it go. So, I wrote it, and now I am letting it go. If you really need to know how it ends feel free to ask.  If you already know how it ends, then you know why I really need to let it go.

Also, I don’t want to come off as that whiny bitch who spends her time online crying about how her life sucks. My life doesn’t actually suck all that badly. My point was not about that. My point was more along the lines of, everyone has a story. And even if you think you know them, chances are you don’t.

(I’d love to do a whole series on the person you don’t know the random stranger or famous guy you assume you know because you’ve written a paper about him that one time in middle school. Anonymous stories from the lives of the people you think you know. If you are going to judge someone, judge them by the fucktarded signs they choose to put in front of their houses, like I do. Or by the “news” networks they quote. )

OK, so. No more whining. Well, about my own life anyway. I will always whine about The Stupid.

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