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Television Roundup Time!

(Possible spoilers ahead)

Because we can all see where my head is at these days, let’s talk about something other than the contents of my depressed brain.

Television is always good for a distraction.

I have to confess, the purging of my TIVO a few months back, didn’t exactly stick. We all know I am a sucker for any TV with a plot, and during the recent holiday television drought, I ended up catching back up on CSI-Miami and Fringe. So, they have been given a respite from …um… wherever shows go to cry once they have been kicked off my TIVO.

I admit, the main reason I’m staying with CSI: Miami is the vague interest in the possible hookup between Calli and Delco. And, well, the same goes for Fringe, except it’s Olivia and Peter I’m waiting on.

Also, I like the cow.

Other random TV comments as follows:

Prison Break: Got canceled, apparently. Sigh. While I was originally happy that the head in the box turned out to only be some OTHER head that only looked like Sara’s, her being alive has taken some of the, er passion, out of the show, it seems. And while, because I am a huge TV geek,  I am still loyal to the show, I do understand how it can be seen as having “Jumped the Shark” or whatever. I would like them to put a little thought into wrapping it up though. I do care about the eternal fates of Lincoln and Michael. Make it a good one, okay?

Lost: LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST! Lost! Yay! OK, sorry. Got carried away there. If you are on my Twitter then you know I’m a Lost fan, and very thrilled that is has finally come back. I do not, however have a ‘thing’ for any of the male cast members. Unlike every other female on Twitter, apparently. (I ❤ you guys anyway) If you want more Lost entertainment, or are just a complete dork, there are some people playing the lost characters on Twitter too.  Sawyer is particularly chatty and amusing.

FYI: Pando’s brain is on Hiatus right now, and has not left a notice as to when it might return. In the meantime, expect random filler and picture posts.


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Conversing with the Universe.

Sometimes, I light candles and sit, yoga style on the floor. I relax and I focus on communing, becoming one with everything around me. I breathe slowly, in and out, counting each breath. I feel at peace.

And sometimes, in those quiet moments, I have conversations with the universe.

The last one went something like this:

Me: So, Universe. I thought I had asked for a break?

Universe: Oh, did you now? I must have missed the memo.

Me: I’m not asking for a million dollars you know, just maybe a day without puke, or poo in some forms. C’mon. Yesterday was like this:

Yes, it IS a bag of poo, literally. (If you must know whats in the bag, mouse hover over the picture.)

Universe: Aw, where is your sense of humor?

Me: (I make my very best Not Amused face here)

Universe: Look,  we gave you shit to be thankful for. Like…puppies!

Me:  Well, the little one got into a fight with my bathmat, (and lost) which was kind of funny:And the winner is...

But then, someone thought it would be a good idea to make me think the gate was closed when it really wasn’t. I know you saw me when I was chasing both dogs several blocks down the street in my pajamas, then dragging them home, literally, because the big one had no collar on. Have I mentioned physical exertion plus stress makes me puke more than normal?  And that the big dog weighs 80lbs or so?

Universe: Well, you did say you wanted more exercise.

Me: …And, yeah, I heard you snickering when I bashed my head on the gate after I locked it. Don’t think I didn’t.

Universe: Oops. <Ethereal Snickering>

Me: Ok, so you were bored. I understand that it can be mildly entertaining to kick people when they are down. I get that. But…the fainting? That’s just cruel.

Universe: You said you needed more rest…

Me: So, um, why the stabbing kidney pains all night long then? And the toilet that keeps randomly overflowing for no apparent reason?

Universe: Have you noticed the weather?

Me: Sigh.

Universe: Look, did you ever think that maybe we were testing you? That, you know, everything happens for a reason?

Me: Yes. And then I spend several hours on the bathroom floor between the toilet and the bathtub. And also,  have I mentioned:Yep, still a bag of poo.

Universe: Suck it up.

Me: Wait, are you trying to tell me to clean my bathroom floor? Cause I already knew that. I didn’t need cosmic guidance for that, that’s what the man is for.

Universe: Heh.

Me: SIGH. Can you at least give me someone to talk to?

Universe: …

Me: And maybe, some flowers and chocolate the next time you fuck me?

Universe: We’ll see.

Me: …

Universe: In the mean time, suck it up.

Me: We’ll see.


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“So Mom, what animal do you want me to draw?” She asks.
“A platypus,” I reply, jokingly.
An hour later, I wander by and, behold:

It even actually LOOKS like a Platypus.
How the hell does she even know what a Platypus is, let alone what it looks like? Is one of the Wonderpets a platypus? Hell, I don’t even really know what one looks like.


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On the way to take the kid to school this morning, the world was once again shrouded by a thick blanket of fog.

It fits very well with my current state of mind.

You see, I am living in a fog. My world is covered and I am alone in the haze.

I can’t see very far ahead of myself. When I try to shine a light into the murk all I get back is a reflection. I can’t tell where I am going. I have no vision of the future.

The problems I face are just strange, lurking monoliths.

I know they are there, but I can’t see them.

I sense them. I feel them. Surrounding me, pressing down on me from all sides, like the buildings I passed by this foggy morning.

(One of these days I am going to drive right into one.)

I know there are other people here too, in my fog. I can tell they are here with me, but I can’t see them very well, and they… well, they can’t see me at all.

Maybe I am the fog. Maybe I am disappearing.

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Small Things 1/365

So, I have seen this around in a few places, and it just seemed like something I needed to do. I tend to get caught up in the more unpleasant aspects of my life. (See: The Sick and The Kids) Sometimes I let it get to me. And lately I have been. I am just, so tired. Feeling sick every day, I need some reminders of why life is worth living.

So, I’m going to try to be more observant of the little things in life again.  Starting with these.

1: It’s not actually snowing here. Nor will it.  Actually, I could be sunbathing right now.

2: The click-noise-pet-training thing appears to be somewhat effective in controlling the beasts and their barking, anyway.

3: Twitter. Twitter. TWITTER.

4: Super Paper Mario. Yes. For Srs.

5: People. (sometimes that’s on my 5 things I hate about today list too, but what can you do?)

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Want: A Buch of Coats the Exact Same Color.

So, I was flipping through my Stylefeeder and I noticed that I have, oh, approximately four of what are essentially the exact same jackets listed. Well, OK, they are not exactly the same. Mouse hover over them to see the differences.



Lookout Neo! Here comes Pando!


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See how much bigger the Spork is than all the others? That's right, people. All Hail Spork.So, yeah. What can I say? The kid likes utensils.

Mouse hover over picture.

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