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Okay, so remember how I said this blog was going to be a little less a mom-blog and a little more about my other interests? I know, I have been failing miserably at that, huh?

It’s hard not to talk about the kid, when she has been here for 3 million years weeks, talking to me non-stop. And since my other interests right now involve well, this, documenting the notsosecret lives of my dogs, watching too much television, and taking pictures of dead bugs,

…you get the point. But, now school has started back up, and the holidays are over, I have more time to focus on.. er, whatever it is I do all day.  Mostly that is laundry. And reading other blogs.

Speaking of other blogs: There is a post over at Her Bad Mother’s Basement that caught my attention.

If you have read anything here before you probably know that while I love my kid(s) to death, I do yearn for my own personal fulfillment as well. That’s part of why I’m here. I have spent so much of my life living in the very narrow perspective that comes when you have children. I was nineteen when I had my first. I didn’t get to finish school, or really, have any period of “freedom”. So.. I understand, pretty well what the woman who posted there is going through. I went through it too. Right down to the part about resenting my husband for being able to just go do shit, whenever he felt like it, without having to even think about it.

If you scroll through the comments far enough, you can see my rather annoyed response at the way some of the commenter’s were treating this poor woman.

Listen, I fully agree that there are people out there that should not have children, and people who complain about them constantly, or who put themselves before their kids, time and time again, but for people to accuse this woman of being a shitty parent for venting? In a place that was created to be a place to do just that?

Come on, people. If you are one of those people that claims to love every single minute of parenthood, no matter how much feces and screaming is involved, you are a liar. If you have never had a moment where you perhaps wistfully imagined a different life, far away from diapers and tantrums, it doesn’t make you a better parent than those of us who have the occasional fleeting dream of a lovely, puke free, existence.  It doesn’t mean we love our kids any less. It  just means we are human.

I admit, I sometimes do things just for me. I sometimes hang out on the internet, and ignore my house, and my kid and my un-husband too. I am not a child abuser. My kid is awesome, and smart and happy. Sometimes, I just need to do something just for myself.

Because, I am actually a better parent when I am feeling fulfilled and happy. When we neglet ourselves, I think everyone suffers for it. So, if you are feeling this way, I encourage you to look for an outlet. (Even if its something silly.) Get a  job if you want to and can swing it, get a  hobby, join a book club. Whatever.  Find something you enjoy doing that isn’t about the kids, or the husband for that matter. Do something that is just for you. It’s the year of Mom, after all.

At the very least, find people to talk to. Because we have all been there, and most of us will admit it.



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Nominate your favorite blogs for stuff.

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The Wal-Mart effect

I used to have this theory that Wal-Mart was designed specifically to make people crazy. Perhaps some marketing guru somewhere figured out that fighting couples and crying children added up to people buying any random thing in an attempt to get out of the store as quickly as possible.  I swore, every time I went there, I’d get in a fight, my kids would start screaming, and I’d end up spending at least two hundred dollars on shit I couldn’t even recall putting in the cart.

I finally stopped going there altogether, partially because their business practices suck, and partially because I just couldn’t handle it anymore. Trips to that place became something I dreaded and avoided. I’m not really a shopper to begin with, but I would have panic attacks at the idea of having to go into that place for something.

So, I saved money buy using coupons and hitting the sales at the local, grocery and specialty stores instead of going to the Super Wal-mart. It was more work, granted, but I felt, and still feel, that it was worth the extra effort. Every time we got meat or produce from Wal-Mart, it sucked. Clothes-sucked. I realized we had been sacrificing quality for convenience.

It wasn’t until I moved to Florida that I realized how seriously some people take their Wal-Marts. Man, crack a Wal-mart joke in the wrong crowd and people get offended.I’ve had people go off on tangents, vehemently defending the store and their choice to shop there. You can tell me how your aunt worked there and it saved her life until you are blue in the face, I simply don’t care. It’s going to take much more than just your words of praise or anctedotal evidence to convince me that Wal-Mart is not pure evil. Don’t waste your breath.

The most used argument for why people shop there despite their dislike of the company behind the chain, is simply that they can not afford not to shop there. Sorry, but I can prove without a doubt that you actually save more money by shopping sales and using coupons at other stores.  You may think you are saving money, but you aren’t. For example: How often do they run buy one get one free sales? How many can’s of corn at 2 cents off do you have to buy to save what you would have, had you stocked up elsewhere when they were B1G1? Do you buy a shirt there because its only 3 dollars, but its cheaply made and you have to buy a new one every month, or do you buy a 50 dollar shirt that lasts 10 years? I understand you may not have fifty bucks to spend on a shirt right now, that’s not the point. Well, it kind of is, because it ties in to our instant-gratification mentality, but thats another post entirely.

The main reason anyone goes there, I feel,  is because it is convenient. And we are lazy. It’s much easier to run to one store for food and diapers and dog food and- Oh! Wait! You can get all that shit at the grocery store now. Well you know, sometimes, you need to pick up food and diapers and a television and some cheap pants, and don’t want to go to four stores.

Seriously though, If you shop there, I don’t hate you.  I’m lazy too, sometimes. Just don’t try to defend the place, OK? Because you can’t honestly tell me that you feel the quality of merchandise you get from them is better than your local stores. It’s not. Unless your local stores suck incredibly bad.  And if that is so, two words: Internet. Shopping.

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Home for the Holidays

Pretty much everyone we know is going away for the holidays. Even people we only know online. And this is the first year in awhile that we have not gone anywhere, at all. Not even for thanksgiving. I can’t see the kids this year. We can’t all go to Buffalo because the logistics of the drive with me and my “issues”, two dogs and the kid, not to mention the Man. (Who is still in the process of quitting smoking and not necessarily someone I want to spend 24 hours in a car with at this particular second. Sorry honey.)

My mother hasn’t even tried her usual come-down-and-visit-us thing, (Though, to be fair, I might have told her we were going up north to visit his family.)

We were fortunate enough to have wonderful friends to spend Thanksgiving with here, but even they are going away to celebrate Christmas with family.

Now that school is out and I am facing two long weeks essentially alone with the kid, I’m really wondering what we have in store for us.  Seriously, what are we going to DO for that many days?

I am going to be making every effort to keep my spirits up, no matter what. Because although I have reasons to be unhappy this year, I also have plenty of reasons to be thankful.

I ended up going with gift cards for the girls, and the closets are all filled with gifts for Hanukkah. I  couldn’t do as much as I’d wanted for the man, because of, well.. money. (Mainly, I’m not making any.) But, the kids will have gifts, and even the dogs will have presents. And I will make a brisket on Sunday, and potato pancakes too, at least I will try to make them, you never know with me and traditional food. (There was that one time with the salmonella, you know.)

We are having a Happy Holiday, damn it. If it kills me. There will be joy, and there will be merriment and there will be  baked goods. There will be no fighting, there will be no crying, because we have each other.  And that IS all we need.

Here’s hoping you and yours have a Happy Holiday as well.

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This weeks collection of weird/stupid stuff:

First, there’s this spectacularly, awesomely distasteful song, courtesy of SNL. ( It’s NSFW and probably not appropriate around children) I’m sure you have probably seen it, as it has been virally spreading all month, but I couldn’t resist linking it yet again. It’s just that bad.

This link, originally posted on ThinkGeek’s Twitter, kinda makes my eyes bleed.

Upon the leaking of the now infamous shoe video, many parodies were spawned. This one is full of win, maybe. You tell me.

Tragic, yet, also…

What the hell? Courtesy of Papagolash.

For the two NIN fans reading, serious lols here. Here too.

Also, because I love to shamelessly self promote, here are  my three most popularhumorposts to keep you busy while I am off doing holiday type things.

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A Letter to Some of the Programs I DVR

I’m sorry TeeVee. You know I ❤  you. I really do. I hate to do this. But, alas, there is only so much time in my life, and I am running out of space. So, some of you are going to have to go. I might come back to you, in DVD form sometime. Maybe. But don’t hold your breath.

It was a tough choice, but I had to do it. The following shows have not made the cut.

CSI- New York. Really, I tried to care, I did, but I just don’t. I care so little that I am at least ten episodes behind and I have no idea if Stella has the AIDS or not.  And I just can’t make myself care, no matter how hard I try. And, CSI Miami, you are on thin ice. There better be some good shit in those five episodes I have waiting to be watched. Like, you better actually kill Horatio or something. I’m talking epic here.

The “New” 90210. I only started watching this because, well, come on, it’s 90210. But while the old 90210 was full of juicy high school  crap and bad hair to make fun of, this one just makes me want to slit arteries and stick sporks in my eyes for good measure.

Law and Order: SVU. I only started watching this because every time I read a write up of the most popular shows out there, the Law and Orders and CSI’s are up there and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I came in last season and I still can’t figure out if the chick with the name is doing the guy with the anger management issues or not. I didn’t HATE this show, so I may catch back up via DVD at a later date, but as it stands now, I just can’t bring myself to watch the backlog of episodes. But for now, I think im sticking with NCIS to fill my crime solving needs.

Numb3rs: I enjoy this show when I do watch it, sort of. But I have nine episodes I haven’t watched cluttering up my hard drive. And I just, never have a moment when I  sit down and say, ” Gee, I’d sure like to watch some Numb3rs”. I just don’t.

Heroes: Don’t hate me, Everyone in the World.  But you know, when you stop recording something because it conflicts with Samantha Who, you are just not that into it. I mean, Samantha Who is a shitty 30 minute sitcom. I hate 30 Minute sitcoms. (The list of shows that I watch that are 30 minutes long is very short, and with the exception of Liz Lemon and Stewart/Colbert,  entirely animated. I feel the 30 minute sit-com is mainly a waste of my time. If you can’t devote an hour to entertaining me, why should I bother? Um, OK,  /Rant off)

Where am I? Oh. Yes.  I’d rather watch shitty sit-coms than Heroes. I think when Mohinder super-glued the guy to his wall with his bug-goo or whatever, the show just lost all plausibility for me.  I mean, I can handle the flying, and the invisible men and the making peoples eyes bleed black for no apparent reason.  The spider goo? Not so much.  Also, I keep getting this urge to go to church every time I watch an episode, for some strange reason. That’s not to say I won’t also go back to this on DVD after fifty more people tell me OMGZORS !!11! You HAVE  to watch it! Because, then I probably will. Peer pressure and all that. But for now, you are cut. And I feel no shame about it.

Eleventh Hour: To be honest, it was kind of a toss up between Eleventh Hour and Fringe. I’m pretty much a sucker for the Sci-Fi-mystery-type, (as evidinced by the fact that I actually sat through the  latest X-Files movie.) I have not actually watched either show in quite some time, but there is at least a chance I will watch Fringe again once I run out of everything else I want to watch first. I don’t feel that Eleventh Hour has that chance. Sorry.

On warning:

CSI: Miami: (See : CSI: New York)

Fringe:  More cow, please.

The Mentalist: Make me care a tad more and we will be good. Buy me flowers or something.

Prison Break: I’ve stuck with you  through the god-awfulness that was Sona (Soma? Sofa? Whatever.) And the incredibly grisly fake killing of Sara, I even accepted that you had your reasons for not killing off  “T-Bag”. I stuck with you long after The Man gave you up. Don’t make me regret it.

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Seriously World.

Wow. The universe is not even making me work for blog material (Why doesn’t the WordPress spell check recognize the word “blog?”Or WordPress for that matter) and sources of joy anymore. Seriously, just this week  the internets were blessed with this awesome video of the president ducking shoes thrown at him,  I won a Wii, Amazon screwed up an order of an intimate nature,  And someone linked me this, which I have thus far, resisted commenting on, because really, need I say anything? I think that speaks for itself.

And it’s only Wednesday.


Yesterday, on my way to get the kid from school, I felt a resurgence of the never ending anger that wells up inside me without warning, as of late. I get angry, for stupid reasons, over inconsequential things far too often lately, and I know I need to just let these things go. I know how stupid it is. Not to mention futile. But still it comes.

There is this woman, whom I see every single day, that I hate.  I don’t know her, I have never even so much as said “Hello” to her, but I hate her nonetheless.

Every day, we all line up to get our kids. And every day she, or someone like her, pisses me off.

I used to show up in the line,  around the time school actually got out, Like we were told to in the letters we got at the beginning of the year. That is, until my kid, who is five, and in kindergarten, wandered off from the parent pick up line, and got in the line for the daycare buses. They found her eventually, and I am told it happens often, everywhere, but still. It bothered me. You are a school, it is your job not to, you know, lose my kid.

Since then, I have started arriving early, so I can get a spot in the front of the line, where I am able to watch her walk out. So she can get right in the car and is not tempted to wander off. I’m sure the teacher’s aide’s whose job it is to keep an eye on the children are lovely people, but, I just don’t trust them anymore.

I’m not the only mom that does this, and it’s not that bad, I being a book and its kind of relaxing, in a sitting in the car for an hour unnecessarily kind of way.

So, nearly every day, this one woman in particular, she does something to piss me off. Sometimes she moves the  big orange cones (used to block the second lane to keep people from making two lines or cutting out once they’ve gotten their kid), to get out before everyone else and does not bother to put them back. Sometimes instead of pulling all the way up, she stops 3-6 car lengths behind where she should be, and refuses to pull forward. Sometimes she gets out of her car and wanders off, forcing the rest of us to wait while she waddles back ever so slowly.

Yesterday, she cut through the cones just to get in front of me, who took the long way around the circle, and then forced me to sit there for an extra twenty minutes after I had the kid already, because her kids are in different grades and come out last.

If your kids don’t come out first why the hell are you there so early? Why did you cut me off, just to be first in line, if you were going to have to wait anyway, just like you always do? Why?

Ugh. Sorry for the hate, but, random stranger, I do think I hate you.

The aide eventually made her pull off to the side so I could leave.


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