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Want: The Most Awesome Non Denominational Festive Winter Holiday Tree Ornaments Ever!

Circuit board ornaments are festive AND geeky.Bonus.

Having trouble trimming that dorky tree? Check these out!

A Candy. Dressed like a Wookie. Hanging on your tree.

Reindeer Yoshi.

I don't even need to explain this. Awesomeness.


All hail the flying spaghetti monster!

Spork flinging wildebeests!

Random Squishy Panda!

Every tree needs some PIE!!!

Cowabunga, dude.

Also, for the Grinches of the world:

Nothing says festive like a "fucker" ornament!



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No sleep till… Brooklyn?

My six week “internet break” is officially up. If you are still here,  I appreciate you bearing with me while I spent some time focusing on my family and adjusting to ( and recovering from) the new baby.

Who is awesome, if you were wondering. I mean,  except at 3 am when hes awake again after getting up at 1 am for no apparent reason. Then: not so awesome. But mostly, he is awesome and snuggly and he has the fattest little feet that I just LOVE to squish. I’m just in love with him.

How can I not be? Seriously.

So, I can’t promise that I’m going to be posting anything that requires brain cells anytime soon, but I am working on getting back to writing. I promise.

P.s. Happy Hanukkah.


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One month

The baby is four weeks old today.

Yesterday, I took him for his one month checkup. When the doctor asked me how I was doing, I started crying.

I came home with meds.

I’ve been crying for weeks.  It has nothing to do with the baby though. He is perfect. It has to do with lots of other things.

I turned 30 last week. By itself, that’s not so bad. But my entire side of the family forgot. I got ONE card from them, and only because I accidentally reminded the person, who admitted she had forgotten.  No one called. Or came by. In stark contrast, Every member of my husbands family called, and sent each of us a card, (we share a birthday, remember) They really are wonderful, and I am so incredibly grateful.

But it just made my family’s failings that much more obvious.

No one called on Thanksgiving either.  And the only people that have come to see the baby are my husbands parents and one family that we are friends with, who we spent Thanksgiving with.

I’m very thankful for the wonderful people we do have in our lives, but very, very lonely and sad right now, and I can’t seem to shake it. Or do anything to change it. And I just had a baby so I’m even less able to deal because of hormones and lack of sleep.

So here’s hoping the meds help.


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