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Friday Mish-mash: Healthcare Edition, (AKA: Someone DO something already)

I may not be catching up much on my actual blogging, but I have managed to get in some blog reading this week. And, boy am I glad I did.

So, as I’m sure you all know by now, This post from Loralee got linked by the White House. How freaking awesome is that? It’s a topic that really, everyone needs to be talking about, one that is close to my heart and my life.

Had I thought about it beforehand I might have left a less stupid comment.

The gist of my comment still stands though. I don’t have much to add other than the ZOMG someone please DO something.

Actually, I do. Here goes.

We all have health insurance now.

We are currently paying over $700 a month, plus a $3,000 deductible for this health insurance. We manage to do this, just barely, I might add because my husband is fortunate enough to have a decent job.

But that’s like, rent, for many people. More than many make in a week, in a city where the median income is  around 28,000. (or was last time I checked)

In other words, It’s insanely expensive.

And without it? We would be so screwed. (And they know that, and that’s why they can charge whatever they want.)

Aside from my  current high risk pregnancy, (which I’m sure is going to cost us much more than we were told because they only cover up to x-amount for delivery of a baby, and I have a history of surprises.)…I have a serious chronic illness and, with my health problems, I have had  tens of thousands of dollars worth of procedures over the past few years. Procedures that we could not have afforded at the time, had I not been on state health insurance. And as much as I have ranted about  the joys <snort> of state insurance, the fact is, without it, we would have been completely screwed financially.

I’m not eligible for it anymore. So now we pay, through his work, for me and the kid.

I admit, when I think about this topic for any length of time, I start to panic.  I have already had issues with getting my medications. and only random almost arbitrary medications are covered. When I have to go back on my pancreatic enzymes, after I have a baby, am I going to have to pay $200.00 a month for them? I will eventually need these to you know, digest food, which is um, pretty critical, if you ask me.

And don’t get me started on what I’m going to do when my pancreas completely fails and I end up an insulin-dependent, “brittle” diabetic.

My insurance  also won’t cover the stomach medicine I need to take while I am pregnant.

(The one they want me to take is a class C, and my doctor found me a class B alternative that actually works, but insurance won’t pay for it, so the doctor was nice enough to give me like, nine months worth of samples.)

Little things, all little things, but they add up. My pain management appointment, which I had to fight for three months (In pain) to even get, cost over $350 . And I have to see them regularly, for, oh the rest of my life. Insurance covered less than $100 of this appointment.  My daily meds add up to about $70 a month,  after insurance, and before you add in the stuff I am not taking because I can’t, while pregnant.

But without the insurance we would be even more screwed because of the insane cost of health care.  So we pay, through the nose, because without it we wouldn’t be able to afford food, or our home. We can’t save any money, no kid has a college fund, we keep going deeper and deeper into debt on the credit cards, it’s slowly eating away at us and its only going to get worse as I get sicker.

And we are the lucky ones who even HAVE insurance.

I’m not asking for someone else to come pay all my bills. I don’t want handouts. I’m not asking for doctors to see patients for free.

I’m just asking for someone to seriously consider the real, hardworking people out there who need care in order to live. People who also need to feed their children and pay their mortgages. This isn’t about some company’s bottom line, or about turning this country into a socialist empire. This is about people. Real People who need a better answer than, ” Lie to get medicaid” or ” Run up thousands of dollars in debt you can’t pay just to get life saving medication”.

We need something. Something has got to give. the cost of health care is literally breaking people here. People are dying because they can’t afford  care. There has to be a way to make this realistically affordable for everyone. Like Loralee said, it’s not our jobs to figure out the answer, but there has to be someone out there who can.  Because people need an answer.  Now.


While I’m on the topic: I learned this morning that my mother’s house was broken into yesterday, and someone stole ALL their medications. Fortunately, the $4,000 chemo pills  for my step-dad’s brain cancer were still at the pharmacy. But his doctor won’t help with samples, and so they have to pay out of pocket  to replace all of his very expensive medications. because, guess what? Insurance won’t pay for meds more than once a month.



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