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Seriously World.

Wow. The universe is not even making me work for blog material (Why doesn’t the WordPress spell check recognize the word “blog?”Or WordPress for that matter) and sources of joy anymore. Seriously, just this week  the internets were blessed with this awesome video of the president ducking shoes thrown at him,  I won a Wii, Amazon screwed up an order of an intimate nature,  And someone linked me this, which I have thus far, resisted commenting on, because really, need I say anything? I think that speaks for itself.

And it’s only Wednesday.


Yesterday, on my way to get the kid from school, I felt a resurgence of the never ending anger that wells up inside me without warning, as of late. I get angry, for stupid reasons, over inconsequential things far too often lately, and I know I need to just let these things go. I know how stupid it is. Not to mention futile. But still it comes.

There is this woman, whom I see every single day, that I hate.  I don’t know her, I have never even so much as said “Hello” to her, but I hate her nonetheless.

Every day, we all line up to get our kids. And every day she, or someone like her, pisses me off.

I used to show up in the line,  around the time school actually got out, Like we were told to in the letters we got at the beginning of the year. That is, until my kid, who is five, and in kindergarten, wandered off from the parent pick up line, and got in the line for the daycare buses. They found her eventually, and I am told it happens often, everywhere, but still. It bothered me. You are a school, it is your job not to, you know, lose my kid.

Since then, I have started arriving early, so I can get a spot in the front of the line, where I am able to watch her walk out. So she can get right in the car and is not tempted to wander off. I’m sure the teacher’s aide’s whose job it is to keep an eye on the children are lovely people, but, I just don’t trust them anymore.

I’m not the only mom that does this, and it’s not that bad, I being a book and its kind of relaxing, in a sitting in the car for an hour unnecessarily kind of way.

So, nearly every day, this one woman in particular, she does something to piss me off. Sometimes she moves the  big orange cones (used to block the second lane to keep people from making two lines or cutting out once they’ve gotten their kid), to get out before everyone else and does not bother to put them back. Sometimes instead of pulling all the way up, she stops 3-6 car lengths behind where she should be, and refuses to pull forward. Sometimes she gets out of her car and wanders off, forcing the rest of us to wait while she waddles back ever so slowly.

Yesterday, she cut through the cones just to get in front of me, who took the long way around the circle, and then forced me to sit there for an extra twenty minutes after I had the kid already, because her kids are in different grades and come out last.

If your kids don’t come out first why the hell are you there so early? Why did you cut me off, just to be first in line, if you were going to have to wait anyway, just like you always do? Why?

Ugh. Sorry for the hate, but, random stranger, I do think I hate you.

The aide eventually made her pull off to the side so I could leave.



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Ghosts In the Woods

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So, to add to my never ending list of crap that is making my hair fall out, we noticed yesterday that my youngest childs two bottom adult teeth appear to be coming in behind her baby teeth. As in, a second row. Like a sharks teeth.  Its freaky looking, and I’ve been told I am making my child neurotic by looking at it.

*Update: We had her teeth pulled- That’s a fun thing to witness up close and personal while holding a gassed child down. <insert sarcasm>

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