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More On Gratitude (Or: 4/365)

I’m rather failing at the whole Grace in Small Things lately. First I took a week off, and then, well, then, I fell back into my little pit of self-pity and whiny-ness. I really don’t have an excuse.

I’m finding it so hard to come up with things to be grateful for lately. I just can’t help it. You’ve probably read about my latest Kid-Drama. Well, that was just the tip of the iceberg on Monday.

You see, Monday, (…and this is probably going to be waaaayyyy TMI, but.. welcome to my world.)…well, Monday… Fuck… there is no delicate way to put this.  I went to the bathroom twelve times on Monday.  During one of those times, I broke my pants.  Oh! Wait… There’s something!

Number 1. I am grateful I did not break my pants in Target when I was visiting the facilities there, or at the doctors office when I was checking out their toilet paper and air freshening supply.

Anyway, yeah, I moved to reach the paper, and heard a snap, and, of course, my zipper had broken.

Changed my pants and went to the doctors. To discover that I have an everything-infection. On Zithromax I go. (Which is not, apparently all that helpful in the explosive erm… bathroom-happenings department.)

Oh, I also confirmed that my Wii Fit is oh, about 20 lbs off on weight. Yes, that’s TWENTY POUNDS. As in, I am twenty pounds heavier than I was rather hoping I was.

Seriously, shitting 12 times a day can’t take a few pounds off the top? I mean, if I have to have the pain, puking and er, other parts of the disease why can’t I have the extreme weight loss part too? I know, it will come eventually, but…sigh. Can’t I at least look good while feeling like shit?

But, I suppose it could be worse:

Number 2: The Wii could have been 40 lbs off. I’m grateful it was only 20, I suppose.

Let’s see, what else? Well, a few weeks ago, the man and I almost broke up. I mean, really. I didn’t write about it then, because it’s just too much for me to even think about, but it happened. We are okay now. But, things got to the point of explosion, and we almost didn’t make it through. I can not imagine how empty my life would be without him. I really can’t.

Number 3: I am extremely grateful for him. )

All else aside, I really couldn’t stand without him. I would just collapse under the weight of all this. I know how co-dependent that sounds, but, it’s true all the same. At the end of the day, when I get to sit and play silly videogames with him, or watch TV with him, it makes all the other crap just seem less hard. Less awful.

Speaking of TV:

Number 4:

Chuck! in 3-D3-D Chuck makes life bearable.

And finally, number 5: Morrowind: Oblivion. A distraction when I really need to be distracted.



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Small Things 1/365

So, I have seen this around in a few places, and it just seemed like something I needed to do. I tend to get caught up in the more unpleasant aspects of my life. (See: The Sick and The Kids) Sometimes I let it get to me. And lately I have been. I am just, so tired. Feeling sick every day, I need some reminders of why life is worth living.

So, I’m going to try to be more observant of the little things in life again.  Starting with these.

1: It’s not actually snowing here. Nor will it.  Actually, I could be sunbathing right now.

2: The click-noise-pet-training thing appears to be somewhat effective in controlling the beasts and their barking, anyway.

3: Twitter. Twitter. TWITTER.

4: Super Paper Mario. Yes. For Srs.

5: People. (sometimes that’s on my 5 things I hate about today list too, but what can you do?)

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What I Did Today.

WiiiiiiYay! It came! It came! Thank youuuuuu! It came with Wii sports too! The kid has already flung several bowling balls at my virtual self, and the man has beaten me to death via boxing. Woohooo! Did I mention thank you??

For the record…Um. It says my Wii Age is Forty-Nine! And, that I fail at walking:

You Bite Me, Wii!

Also, It made my little Wii person a fattie. I guess I really need this!

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Gratitute and Attitude.

A long time ago, I tried to sell Mary Kay. I know. I KNOW.

But, someone I trusted thought maybe I could do it, thought so enough to buy me a starter kit and mentor me in a very big way. It didn’t work out, needless to say, but I am still  very grateful that she cared enough to try.  Not only am I not the kind to talk to strangers or pester relatives to buy from me,(not to mention the god aspect of it all) but I really don’t even know how to work makeup, unless you’d like to fit in at a Marilyn Manson concert.

I digress again. The point is, along with my starter kit, came an inspirational gold pin inscribed with the phrase “Attitude is Everything”.

Even though the rest of the stuff is long, long gone, given away to others who had the selling abilities I clearly lack, I still keep that pin. Because, as cliched and self-help-ish as that phrase may sound, well, attitude is everything.

As you may be aware from clicking the links at the top of the page here, I have been through some shit. I have some baggage.  While all I have to do is click over to the news to see that I am by far, luckier than millions, I still suffer from being forced to deal with my own life.

I try very very hard to not let my past and my problems take over. I struggle every day with waking up and trying to remember that I have things to be grateful for. That’s why there are so many pictures on here. The pictures are for me, to remind me of the things in my life that are good and wonderful and special Not to mention cute and fuzzy. Even the darker pictures on here are meant to show the beauty that lies within everything,  yes, even dead bugs.

But lately, with the holidays, I have been having a harder time seeing the bright side of things. The Man tells me that while he enjoys my writing, he does not enjoy the rants like this one.

I feel I need to clarify that I did write that post in a response to an article I came across that I didn’t link to because I did not want to give it traffic, it was that bad, and now I can’t find it.

Anyway, Ranting Pando comes off as somewhat butter and hate filled sometimes. I’m aware of it. I have been feeling angry at the world lately and its leaking out into other things. I’m sorry. Attitude is everything, and I’m working on changing mine.

Speaking of gratitude, did I mention I won a Wii and Wii fit? I did?  I still can’t believe it. This day has been full of win. I also got free chocolate in the mail. Best. Day. Ever .

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A Wii Fit holiday for us.

I am sitting here just staring at the screen in shock.  I keep re-reading this over and over again.  Part of me thinks I must be dreaming, most not have woken up yet. Wow. Thank you SO much Mothergoosemouse.


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