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So, the Kid, being a fast learner, has quickly learned the art of parental guilt trips, as you can see by today’s board.

(Yes, “Kiki” is her nickname, and “Moo” is The Man’s nickname, though I think he may kill me if I henceforth start referring to him as that)

One day, she got in trouble for whatever reason, and later on that evening, we passed by, noticed this, and of course felt guilty and terrible for about twelve seconds. Until she grinned, and we knew it was all part of an evil plot to bend us to her will. Must…resist…guilt…

Ah, the guilt starts I love how I got honorable mention, almost as an afterthought, shes all Oh..“And you, Mommy”

Thanks Kid.

(If you can’t read five year old… Evin win yor = Even when you’re)

There have been other instances, several times she has written ” I’m sorry” After being scolded. Not said anything about it either, we just walk by, and there is this apology on the board.   “I’m sorry Mommy”

Oh my heart.


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