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It’s not new if its old.

If you are looking for the story, its gone. Not gone forever, it may reappear someplace else eventually. But it is gone from here. Part of trying to reinvent myself involves letting it go. So, I wrote it, and now I am letting it go. If you really need to know how it ends feel free to ask.  If you already know how it ends, then you know why I really need to let it go.

Also, I don’t want to come off as that whiny bitch who spends her time online crying about how her life sucks. My life doesn’t actually suck all that badly. My point was not about that. My point was more along the lines of, everyone has a story. And even if you think you know them, chances are you don’t.

(I’d love to do a whole series on the person you don’t know the random stranger or famous guy you assume you know because you’ve written a paper about him that one time in middle school. Anonymous stories from the lives of the people you think you know. If you are going to judge someone, judge them by the fucktarded signs they choose to put in front of their houses, like I do. Or by the “news” networks they quote. )

OK, so. No more whining. Well, about my own life anyway. I will always whine about The Stupid.

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