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What I Did Today.

WiiiiiiYay! It came! It came! Thank youuuuuu! It came with Wii sports too! The kid has already flung several bowling balls at my virtual self, and the man has beaten me to death via boxing. Woohooo! Did I mention thank you??

For the record…Um. It says my Wii Age is Forty-Nine! And, that I fail at walking:

You Bite Me, Wii!

Also, It made my little Wii person a fattie. I guess I really need this!


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A Wii Fit holiday for us.

I am sitting here just staring at the screen in shock.  I keep re-reading this over and over again.  Part of me thinks I must be dreaming, most not have woken up yet. Wow. Thank you SO much Mothergoosemouse.


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Begging for Free Stuff (Or: Why I deserve a Wii Fit!)


In case we haven’t met, I am Pando. And I am a gamer.  I know that female gamers are not all that rare anymore, but I’m more than just a gamer.

I’m the girl who used to steal quarters from under the couch cushions and sneak out to play Street Fighter in the arcade at the local convenience store with all the gamer boys when I was eleven. I grew up with a Nintendo controller firmly in hand.

Hell, I even have a Nintendo purse.

Yes, really:

Geek Chic

I am a grown woman, people. But I carry this with pride.

The Guy is a gamer too, so when we moved in together I was in heaven. New games! New systems! He had an X-box, and knew how to use it, which was very much a point in his favor, I might add.

We jumped in to our gaming relationship But we immediately found a setback.  There is a surprisingly sad lack of games for the new systems that can be played together. Back in the Nintendo days, every game had a glowing two player option. But not anymore. It seemed like finding a game with a decent co-op mode was just too much to ask for, unless we wanted to compete. And we didn’t really. He cries when I beat him at stuff.

So we stopped playing together.

When the new new systems came out,  we went out and we looked at them all.  We really thought it would give us something for us to do as a couple and as a family. But Wii’s were never in stock, anywhere so we never did choose to hunt one down and pay more than we could afford for it.

Sigh. We made the wrong choice. The stories started coming back from our friends about how much fun they were having with the Wii they got for their children. Hell, they could even play Tennis. Without even leaving their house. (Which is a big deal if you live in Florida where it is only cool enough to leave the house for one month out of  the year.)

So, I was already kicking myself about the choice not to buy a Wii. And then I read about Wii Fit.


You probably know already that I’m sick. And, while I don’t want to play the “I have a chronic illness so give me stuff or I’ll die” card, my illness does factor in to my ability to exercise outside of my home.  I need, desperately, to move. To get myself in shape so that I can handle this better, physically and mentally. But even going for walks is a lot for me, because of the fickle nature of my issues. I’m, frankly, terrified of being struck with symptoms while far away from home. And not being able to walk back.  Add to that, the fear of being stuck somewhere with my five-year-old and I rarely even try anymore.

We have a set of weight lifting equipment in the garage that I don’t use anymore, because I just can’t stand to sit alone out there.  I try to use workout videos, but frankly, it has become mind numbingly boring. The same goes for yoga, which I was once incredibly passionate about. I think part of it is the depression over being sick, and I need to get out of that rut somehow. I know being fit would dramatically improve my life, I just haven’t been able  to find a way.

So, when I saw the Wii Fit, my first response was “OMG, we neeeeeed that.” I could actually do that. We could do it together!

As it is now, my daughter hangs out in her room with her toys most nights,  one of  us watches television and the other sits in the office and screws around on the computer. (Guess which one of us that is?)

We are all gamers, and we just need a game that can bring us together. We need something we can do as a family,  and this system seems to be doing that, incredibly well, for everyone we know who owns one. And the fact that it could potentially change my life, health-wise is a pretty damn great plus!

Today, when I checked my feed reader, and saw this post, it seemed almost like fate. You see, we went  NDSHCSH shopping this weekend. And they had a Wii in stock(!) at Target!

And so I stood in the aisle, guarding the last one, for a  good twenty minutes while we talked about it.

” We can get one, but, that will be it for the holidays.” he tells me.

” I want that!” I shriek, like a little girl.

“It’s up to you” he says.

I waver.  I waffle. I ponder.  Because while I know that the three of us will get so much use, and I personally, stand to benefit immensely from this machine.

But, no. I can’t in good conscience, spend the money on that machine when I still have my two lost children to buy for. When I still need dental work, and glasses and a new computer. And bills. Oh, god, the bills.

While we are doing better than many this year, we  are still feeling the pain of the current economy. Yes, we still have a home, for which we are incredibly grateful.  But,  a game system plus accessories just isn’t in the budget right now. Frankly, nothing is in the budget right now. Even though he told me the decision was up to me, and I know he wouldn’t have held it against me if I had chosen to charge one right then and pay for it later somehow. I know we are already charging ourselves to the limits to afford our relatively lean holiday season as it is. And I am an adult, with responsibilities. (Yeah, its not all it’s cracked up to be.)

So, I walked away from my Wii. With me being unable to work anymore, I just can’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on it. No matter how much we would love one.  So I finally just… walked away.

And I’m sure it was the right choice, but I can’t help but want to try to win one. Because how incredibly awesome would that be?

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