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Movie Review: The X-Files- I Want to Believe

Includes spoilers.

I finally got the chance to sit down and watch this movie on DVD  last night. Despite the terrible reviews, I’d expected more. I was a fan (Not a fangirl, mind) of the show from way back when, and I enjoyed the first movie.

I was disappointed by this movie as a whole.

The beard of Fox Mulder at the beginning did not succeed in hiding the fact that David Duchovny  is getting old. (Maybe there is such a thing as too much sex?) So is Scully, for that matter. I know, that it’s not really their fault, no one, not even their super crack team of paranormal investigators, is safe from the ravages of time, but it was rather off putting to see, up close and personal. I mean, make-up, hello?

I’m also not really sure how you can have a Movie about the X-Files that doesn’t appear to involve anything supernatural.  The one  and only nod to the paranormal was a so-called psychic was a priest-turned-pedophile with terminal lung cancer. And, I guess a little bit of medical weirdness. But nothing special.

Not only did the writing seem awkward and strange during many parts, but the acting was also very forced feeling. Emotional sentences were  spoken in a monotone. The way the characters embraced each other was even rather cold. In other words, I didn’t feel the love between the two, even thought they were supposed to be in love. There was much more tension between them back in the old TV series day before they ever had a “relationship”.

The plot itself was very simple and tame, not what one would expect for this show. There were no twists, or new revalations of any kind, really.  It felt more  like an extended episode than a movie.  One written on a day that half the writers were out sick, and the people who were left had the flu and just wanted to get home to their comfy chairs and Ny-Quil.

Altogether, very unfortunate, as this could have interested a whole new generation of people in the X-Files phenomena and maybe boosted the sales of the DVD box sets a bit. Instead it seems like it was slapped together just to shut up the die hard fans out there screaming for a new movie, with very little thought put into the content.


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We dumped the kid at the hourly crap-hole for a few hours and had a date. It’s been months since we have had a minute alone.. Did I say months? I meant years. What did we do with our few hours of freedom, you ask? We saw Batman, of course.

And yes, it was just about as good as advertised. I did get a little tired of his scratchy “I’m Batman not Bruce Wayne, Really” voice. But.. it was dark, and complex and pretty, well.. awesome.. as promised. The best part, to me , was that it was true to the idea of Batman that I have had in my head since I was a wee fan. He’s always been my favorite superhero. Because.. hes flawed. Because he doesn’t have superpowers, just passion and a sense of justice.

And I actually like Christian Bale, who played him these past two movies, he did it well and he’s pretty hot too. 

And then we get the kid, and shes all depressed because some other asshole kid told her shes not a ” Karate Girl” And therefore she is nothing. My four year old told me she was nothing.

So it begins. And here comes school. How do I keep the other kids from breaking her spirit? Shes so awesome and so happy. I know I am biased and all, but she really.. has a super personality and I’m gonna be so upset if it gets crushed by those little assholes telling her she is nothing. I guess I should get used to it, huh?

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