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It’s all Over Rated

So, I wrote this post a while back, (in response to a post that went up over a month ago but I’m like six months behind on blog reading so shut up) listing the  things  that *I* think are over rated.

Then I totally wussed out and didn’t post it, because I realized that there’s probably something on this list that’s going to piss off all twelve of you and my mom.

And even though I tell people who know me in real life that they are not allowed to get angry at me for anything I write on my blog because it’s a blog and I’m probably full of shit or joking anyways, still.

People can’t help it, and when I have things on my list like breastfeeding and natural childbirth, I’m pretty much just asking to be sent nasty emails calling me an evil boob-hating-Office-phobe and having people show up on my doorstep prepared to give birth in my garden tub just to show me how empowering it really is. And I don’t feel like cleaning up after that.

(Do you know how hard it is to get placenta out of the drain?)

So then I thought maybe I would qualify some of my items. Like, maybe I’d explain in detail, how I think breastfeeding is great and all,  (and  i totally think you should be allowed to do it wherever and whenever you damn well please) but I don’t think nursing until your kid is twelve is going to guarantee that kid a spot in Harvard and the ability to speak 34 languages, including a few dead ones.

And, I’d point out that no matter what the formula-is-poison people say, my exclusively formula fed kid is healthy and happy and smart and actually healthier than the kids I DID breastfeed. Who, by the way,  both suck at playing Mozart and can’t conjugate verbs at all and have yet to be accepted into an Ivy League school.

Or, I could write a whole thing about how if Natural Childbirth is your thing then- Awesome! More power to you. You are a masochist stronger woman than I. But hey, I’ve actually tried it, and no amount of marketing can make me say it was  transcendent.  Ever. Or uplifting. Or even especially spiritual. To me, it was no more spiritual than any of my other births, and I actually felt less bonding with that child afterward because I was too busy focusing on the people sewing up my girl parts with no anesthesia and then passing out from the sheer exhaustion and trauma of it all.

But then I realized I was probably over explaining things, and maybe I should give you guys more credit. I’m allowed to have my opinions, right? So, to hell with it. Here goes:

<Hoversnark Enabled>



Here we are. Being unfunny.

The Office.

(and by extension, Parks and Rec)

Go to your happy place! Think about baseball! Become one with your uterus.

Natural childbirth.

Could these things BE any uglier?

The Bumbo.

I prefer to LIVE in reality, thank you. (Ok, that may be a tiny bit of a lie)

Reality TV

"And I looked across the street, and THERE WAS A STARBUCKS!"


Sure, it’s yummy. Is it worth five bucks a latte and all the hype? No.

"Look, I can't help the fact that they made me look like a huge, sparkly douchebag!"


Yes, I have read the books and seen the movie. Along with a million other vampire stories. Why is this one so special? They sparkle, for fuck’s sake. And the guy that plays Edward in the movies is really rather weird-looking.

La Vida Meh


Yeah, I said it.

" Sorry, I don't speak to the help."

Rachael Ray

She recently asked my friends mom- who is a flight attendant and was trying to take her drink order- “Do you know who I am?” and then announced that she “Didn’t talk to the help,” and that the flight attendant should take the drink order and address any other questions via her assistant.

Dude, you’re a cable TV chef and your books are next to Paula Deen’s. Get the fuck over yourself.

"But I'm a LOVABLE serial killer."


Because it needs to be said, again.

Ooo. Shiney,

The IPhone

Just because I haven’t pissed off the tech geeks yet. And because I’m jealous that I don’t have one.

(Is there an app for that?)

"Look, its got pretty colors on it!"


See above.

My apologies to you, you, you and you. I love you even if you watch the Office and want to give birth in the forest with a badger while sitting in a Bumbo with Rachael Ray as your doula, O.K.?

Oh, for the record- here’s a few things I think are underrated.

Just watch it.

30 Rock.

Mmmm. Pie.


It's a SPOON and a FORK.


I put this together, and I hope that it doesn't fall apart the second I put the kid in it.

Baby Swings

Best. Invention. Ever.

Yeah, I am so not an attachment parent.

Shut up and TRY it already.


Robot sex is wrong.

Science Fiction

Killer sex robots, ya’ll. Come on.

"Quick, someone save Jon Stewart, he's our most important Jew!"

Jon Stewart

All news should be broadcast by this man.

The Bloggess Army

Because we’re awesome, assholes.  Or awesome assholes. Either way, it works.

Someone make me a pie already.


I want to see a site called "LOLBADGER!" immediately.


It may be green, but its still awesome.


Anything can be glued to anything,  it's ART, people.


Gluing shit to other shit  and covering it with glue is the shit!

I know I had more, but I think I need to go eat something now.



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Some Non Depressing Stuff

~UPDATED! Now with actual pictures!~

I know lately you’ve been thinking that it’s all about the depressing letters to my lost children and whining about how I. Can’t. Stop. Puking. this week month year lately, And if you are new here you might think I’m one of those people you can only read with a shitload of lithium and enough time for a nap afterward.

But, I promise, aside from the Kids and the Sick, I really DO have other interests. There are other things going on. The dogs are eating new shit every day. And we are making the house a much more fascinating place to be.

For example. This past weekend, we invested in a new plant:THIS IS THE MOST EVIL PLANT IN ALL OF THE UNIVERSE. Don't be fooled by it's innocent appearance. (For a clue about WTF i'm on about, you should be following my inane Twitters. You are missing out on some er, well, some stuff anyway.

Don’t forget to hover over the pictures

Moving on, maybe.

I also got something so thrilling I’m scared to even show you people for fear of it being too much for you.

What? You must see it?

Ah, Ok, I’ll risk it, but you have to promise not to sue me when you fall out of your chair due to the awesomeness of my new…silverware.

Wasn't this worth waiting for?

Yep, it even has a space for our chopsticks. Which we’ve never actually used.

If that is just too much for you, well, you just wait until you see our rocks:

Coming soon:Bushes.

And our dirt:

Yep. That's some dirt, alright.

I know, it’s almost too thrilling to bear.

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So, I’m supposed to be shitting in a hat right now. I promise I won’t blog about it...wait, I just blogged about it, scratch that. I promise I won’t take pictures of it. Deal?

Um, anyway, I also should be cleaning and writing, you know, actual content and stuff. Instead, I am pretty much just sitting here drooling. And procrastinating. And obsessively checking Twitter. And trying not to barf in my shoes. I’m only succeeding marginally on that last one.

So. In lieu of content, expect some Boards and Wants. Also, have some completely random crap:

Foggy Morning:

Yep. Foggy trees. Thrilling, huh?


At what age do you let a kid shower independently, and NOT lose a bottle of shampoo and flood the bathroom?

Should we mulch this or use river rocks:

Yep, more random leaves and shit.

And finally, I finally linked my blog to my Facebook, and now I feel rather dirty. Like parts of my life that shouldn’t touch are touching and  now I’m all weirded out.

Anyway, if you came here from my Facebook,  and you are my neighbor, all that shit I said yesterday was about my other neighbor, OK?

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Season's changing

I declare the holidays officially OVER. The decorations are put away and all that’s left are some stale candy canes and that ornament the dogs  stole and hid behind the couch.

Thankfully, all here have survived relatively unscathed.  There were some  sketchy moments when I doubted that we would all make it through this trying time, but thankfully we have.

Does anyone else need a vacation now?

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