Dear Amazon

I know its holiday time and things must be pretty busy around there, but I have a small problem. You see, I recently placed in order with you that finished up my shopping. And I received most of my items as scheduled, except for one. I came to check online, only to find that this “item” had been supposedly sent in the  first box. Now, Unless it is hidden inside the box of Legos we are going to be giving my child for Hanukkah, It does not appear to actually be in that box. So, unless you would like my husband to have a very unhappy holiday indeed, please send another “Screaming O Vibrating Bullet” at once. Thank you. And Happy Holidays.

Yes, I really sent this.  Also, no, he’s not technically my husband, but it was easier than explaining our reltionship to this random stranger who already knows wayyy too much about my life based on my past shopping history. Yeah.

Update: They responded in the normal ” Thank you for contacting us”  form-letter manner, in case you were wondering.


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