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Checklist for this week.

1- Tone arms to a non-wiggly state.

2- Sit in the sun long enough for Geek-Grey pallor to subside- but not long enough to burn!

3- Wrap random crap with white ribbon.

4- Puke

5- Let my family know we are having an actual wedding.

6- Start thinking about the fact that I’m already pregnant looking, and then  curl up in a ball and hyperventilate for awhile. Hurray for fourth pregnancies. (Omg, just saying that makes me freak out.)

7- Teach the kid to throw flowers. Not AT people.

8-  Make the thing in the yard -which is really just a frame for another thing that I tried to grow jasmine up-look festive.

9- Clear the path I will be walking outside of race cars, molehills, dog poop and plastic shovels.

10- Panic, in general.

11- Find a way to thank these awesome people who are doing so, so much for us.

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It’s amazing how much can be pulled together in less than a week. We have got our officiant. I have a dress (spoiler alert: not white) And we have food and guests. We have decorations and flowers even! It’s starting to feel like it’s a “real” wedding. (I got some dirty looks the last time I said that aloud- Of course it’s a real wedding.)

Between tossing and turning and waking up for various other reasons, (including, dog  and dog two, and mystupidpancreas) my brain decided to find an odd variety of random stupid things to throw at me. At one point, I woke up convinced that my hair had turned orange. I devoted a good 12 minutes to worrying about falling down. And I had a good cry about the fact that my dress, (which is essentially a juniors prom dress) had to be bought like, 4 sizes larger than I actually wear.  Stupid woman’s sizing that makes no sense and varies from store to store. /grumble

In short- I’m a hormonal mess. Which is to be expected. But, I’m also excited and hopeful and… yes, still happy. Incredibly so.

I don’t know how people do this  in front of 200 or more people though. I really don’t. I hate being the center of attention. I’m only going to be in front of like, my 6 closest girlfriends and their families. In my own backyard! And I’m still freaking out.


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