Stop Pretending There is a “War” On Christmas.

Do you know what war is? This.. thing, this issue non-issue over people saying Merry Christmas to you in the stores, is not a war. And if you thought this was over, just Google the news for “War on Christmas”.

I repeat, this is not a war. By any stretch of the imagination. There are no people being murdered. There are no bombs randomly exploding, there are no gross human rights violations happening here. In fact,  every time I see one of those “Keep the Christ in Christmas” car magnets, I cringe a bit. Who ever said you couldn’t have your Christ? All I recall seeing is people asking to not have it shoved down their throats all winter in public places.

I don’t personally give a shit if people want to run around saying “Merry Christmas” on Christmas, or put up shrines to the baby Jesus or whatever on their lawns, but I draw the line at setting up a manger scene on a state building, unless you are going to put up a shrine for every religion that has a holiday in December. Why can’t you just put up lights and snowmen and call it a day?

Why is it such a big deal? Why do some religions insist that they are so much better than everyone else? That they deserve shrines all over the place? Yes, I have heard that there is a large majority of Christians in this country. I have heard the argument that we are a christian nation, and as such should be able to put Christ wherever we you want him.

It’s crap. We  are actually a nation that was founded on the principals of separation of church and state. And, despite popular belief, not everyone in this country is some kind of Christian.  And so we shouldn’t even be having this conversation, as a nation. We should all agree that people can put whatever displays they want on their own properties, and say whatever they want –when they are not working in a grocery store– and move on.

You are not better than your neighbor that is Jewish, or Pagan or an Athiest, or a Santa worshipper. You do not deserve special treatment because you are a Christian. You would not like it if people started telling you “Happy Hannukkah”  or “Happy Kwanzaa” every time you went to Wal-Mart to buy Twinkies.   So, please, forget about this imaginary war and just enjoy the season. Enjoy your celebrations, if you celebrate. Enjoy your family. Be at peace. And shut up about this non-issue.



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2 responses to “Stop Pretending There is a “War” On Christmas.

  1. echoplexed

    Great post. I enjoyed it greatly and the view on this matter can be, shaky, for some for lack of a better word. There shouldn’t be a war but some overly Bible-belt people just can’t seem to let pride go. Which is really a shame, as they selfishly think about themselves or this “war”, what about the poor? What about people that can’t voice up? What are they doing for them? Nothing. It is a sad sad world we live in.

  2. As I said to Lissa on the way to go shopping, “It’s not that I hate Christmas. I really hate the expectation that I should have to participate, and I get annoyed when people look down on me for not.”

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