On the way to take my kid to school the other day I noticed a sign that had sprouted up overnight. A sign telling me to “Vote Yes On 2″ Because ” Marriage=One Man and One Woman”

I don’t understand, and never will, why people have such an issue with what other people choose to do sexually. Even if your god doesn’t think gay people should marry, what does that have to do with your own place in heaven?

Tell me, How does this affect your life in any way? Really, I want to know.

Ignorance. People like to hide their hate and intolerance behind morals and religion. It’s complete bullshit.  Why shouldn’t homosexuals have the same rights as anyone else? You can’t really catch gay.

One article on this awful website claims

Right now in Florida, a few misguided activists are trying to change the definition of marriage for everyone. Personally, it’s not my business if two men want to live together and be happy. But to change the definition of marriage, which is the foundation of civilization, is going too far. Our culture is slowly dying and anything beautiful has become fair game for exploitation. Marriage is one of those beautiful things, something that’s been written about in songs and poems since the beginning of time. “Marriage.” It’s not just some word to be tossed around, because it means something special. It means the joining of a man and woman, not just any two “people”.

I repeat: How does two men getting married change the very fabric of our society? And why are there quotes around the word people? Are they insinuating that homosexuals are not real people?

If anything, this law might help make us more tolerant and help dispel some of the hate and fear people tend to have for that which we do not understand. Cultures that don’t evolve end up dying off, or so I’ve heard. These people want to deny two adults in love the chance to get legally married that every other adult American has? Because you want to save the integrity of a few songs and poems?

Or is it because you are too homophobic to handle seeing two women together in a picture on the announcements page of Redneck Weekly?

Marriage is the joining of two people who love each other. Who gives a shit what sex they are?  Mind your own business.

I really want to run over this sign. I hate this neighborhood sometimes.


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