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Blog related update:

I’m putting my internet house in order bit by bit over here. I am going to be working on my links section next, which will probably include linking to every site in the world, so be forewarned. If I have read your blog more than once, I’m probably going to link to it. If I forget you and you would like me to shamelessly whore your website, Blog, company or home-based Chia-Pet sales buisiness, just let me know at pandoricanATGmail.stuff.



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Dear Random Googlers:

To you,  whomever asked this of the almighty Google: Is it illegal for an ex husband to not let me talk to my kids?

Probably. But good luck getting anyone to DO anything about it.

Also: Tho whoever found this blog by searching: single parents stating the problem

(I’m going to assume you meant starting here)

This is not the blog you are looking for. Trust me on this one.

I know my post about what a douchebag Ann Coulter is pulling these in and I’m rather amazed at the ways in which one can word, ” Why do single parents suck so much?” Here are some other ones:

single parents versus nuclear family

single parents raising criminals

criminals came from single parent

how much of the prison population comes from single parent

And on and on it goes. I really hope these people are actually reading the post once they get here.

I also get a lot of hits for weird kitchen shit and squishy pillows.  And a few very depressed people with gallbladder problems. And several entitled ones as well:

I deserve a free computer

I deserve free because

And some inexplicable ones:

pandemonium evil marker

Jim jones pop champagne

the temptations together again

here alone feels like my world blast from the past

I really can’t even begin to guess why some of these people were led here. But…It’s nice to know that I am the number one blog for depressed republicans with squishy pillows, weird kitchen fetishes, failing organs and crappy taste in music.

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Note From the Management:

I’m being a busy little bee, working on actually categorizing all my posts. JUST for you people.

This is a pain in the ass.  ( I know, I  should’ve been doing this since the beginning, shhhhh)

When I am done, you will have Poo Posts! At your fingertips! And easy access to that video of me chasing the dogs around with the Darth Vader slippers and potato head. Also, my lovely collection of Snark and Wants are now just a click away! Board art, also.  And, much much more. You do have to click through to see the pictures and such, but, whatever. You can work for it, just a little bit.

The things I do for you people.

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Out with the old.

The old blog is going away soon.  Goodbye old blog!

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