So, I was planning on updating my blog, well, I’d been planning to for awhile with all kinds of good stuff and updates, but it seems that someone with the same email address as my ex-husband has decided to troll here and leave nasty comments full of lies for his own amusement.

Apparently… He has this romanticized idea of the past, where he is the good guy and I’m such a monster. I can’t believe it’s gotten to the point in his head where he’s managed to confuse what HE did with what I did. Some people lie SO much that eventually they start believing their own lies, I guess. But, well, this is MY house, and you guys know me. The real me, not the person he’d like me to be based on these comments. Instead of approving them, i decided to put them here instead, just for you guys.

Here’s one of several lovely delusional comments from him. (left on this post)

” I gotta say this was interesting to read. I don’t even know where to begin.. You’re like Alice in wonderland and you’re stuck in this sick twisted fantasy world. One my brother hated you. In fact he often questioned why I was with you. He saw how self destructive you were how you lied. I NEVER told you I didn’t want these kids. That’s why I’m still here with them when you voluntarily left them behind. Who was the one that before we came back to CT in 2002 found it more important to get cocaine or ecstasy or pills rather than taking care of the kids?? YOU! who thought it was more important to party? YOU! I can think of numorous occasions where I scooped up the kids and left because you and everyone else went on ecstasy binges with the kids there. So I smoked a little pot back then, I still got up every morning with them changed their diapers and went to work all while you slept in, despite me asking if you many times if you would mind getting up with them so I can have a turn to
sleep in, then you proceeded to play on the computer all fuckin day long. And how dare you talk about my brother like you were close with because you NEVER were. Yes it broke me when he died but you know what? 2 years after it was ME who wanted to come back to CT and go back to school and get a career so I can provide for my children. And I did just that. You couldn’t handle coming back here could you? So what did you do 2 months after we came back? You left! You left your kids without even saying bye! So who’s the one who wanted their single life back?? Who’s the one that thru her actions showed she didn’t want kids?? Who chose drugs and alcohol over her kids?? YOU! I’m here, I’m with them ! ME! drug and alcohol free with a great job just like I planned on doing! Don’t you talk about my brother like you care, like it impacted your life so badly because that’s bullshit!! Pull your head out of your ass for once and stop playing the poor victim! And just remember that you left your
kids by choice on your own. Those two kids who you claim to love so dearly, you left them! And now they’re old enough to see it. I didn’t have to tell them and I never spoke ill of you to them. They see you for what you are and they know you left and why. In their precious little minds, you don’t give a shit, that’s how they feel and see you!”

Kudos for using your dead brother to attack me, by the way. Classy. I’m sure he would be proud.And the fact that I was pregnant when I left YOU kind of throws a bone in the whole ” She just wanted to not be a mom and go party” theory there, huh? ( So does the fact that, unlike you, I grew up when I had kids, and you couldn’t even quit smoking pot long enough to pass a drug test.)

And here’s the second one: ( From this post)

This one makes me laugh.. Where’d you come up with this? Because I remember it differently.. Yes my job was important, why? Because I was the only one willing to work. You never worked up to that point in our relationship because you had daddy to mooch off of. One little phone call and a few days later had money in the mail, if he didn’t wire it to you. All you had to do, and did, was sit around all day reading books, playing on the computer, eating sunflower seeds. I’m not saying you didn’t cook or clean once in a while because you did, not everyday tho. I’d say it was about equal. I did my share after I came home from work. And college? The only college I know you went to was a couple years before we even had a kid and you only went for a few weeks that I know of and then dropped out because you were on drugs.  And you weren’t even talking to me at that time, you kicked me out of your dads and I was living with my mom. Remember? And what are you talking about
“you weren’t allowed” to have a social life?? Remember we had the same friends? Dave and Duff?? Remember them? We saw them everyday.. If we weren’t at their house they were at ours.. Id say you were pretty social. What was that about daycare? We never put our child in any daycare. We had your pain in the ass mom living with us and off of us. Between you and her being there all day we didn’t need a babysitter or daycare. Funny how you make it sound like you were controlled and sheltered because you were anything but. Funny how you make me out to be this terrible person when I was the one who worked full time and went to every doctors appointment, Lamaze class and stayed at the hospital when you gave birth. And we didn’t move around alot and it wasn’t ALL my decision. We moved three times I believe and each time it was of equal decision and to a bigger place. First we lived in the shitty little apartment then it was that two bedroom on Taylor Ave then that three bedroom on Seneca.
Hope I refreshed your memory Martha Stewart..

BTW, you all remember the first time he cheated on me? That was with my “good friend” Duff.  Yeah. That’s why we were at their house ever day. Dave was HIS friend from work. Not mine.  I guess having one friend who is only my friend because you are sleeping with her makes me a regular social butterfly, huh?

Bring it, genius.



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  1. CJ

    I think your ex is related to my mother. Seriously.

  2. LA

    My personal observations on the subject:
    God is watching you.
    You may be a , lying, stealing, cheating, addict and poor excuse of a “parent” ( who has not cared for “his” kid (s) in years ) and you may be able to delude yourself into thinking you were “big little man “who was wronged and who fights the “good fight” against the mean old ex, but nobody, probably including yourself buys that crap. You did not support your family then and you do not now.
    The truth, all of it ,will come out in God’s good time and you will be held accountable for your actions. I anxiously await that day! Until I hear the words ” in the best interests of my child(ren)”, followed by appropriate non-self-serving actions, will not buy into your “father of the year” drivel and believe that you have changed.Till then you are just another “spawn” to me. Go try to bribe someone else…

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