So, to answer your unasked questions, no, I have not vanished off of the face of the earth. Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. The Bermuda triangle did not claim me and I have not run away to Cozumel with bob the pest control specialist.

Instead, I survived a summer with four energetic children which included moveing halfway across the country in a car alone with said energetic children and two energetic dogs and lots and lots of inappropriate music and snacks to placate the masses. Then I survived a holiday season that included a plane flight to Buffalo in December with a walking baby who wasnt in the mood to be restrained for five hours, a seven year old whos voice has no off button, and a severe plane phobia. And most recently, I survived three months of subsisting entirely on Coke and nicotine. (The beverage, that is.) as such things will tend to do, this eventually landed me in the hospital where I spent last weekend comfortably pressing the go button on my morphine pump every ten minutes and rewarching the first twenty episodes of Veronica Mars.
Needless to say, I’m still alive and have expanded my gastronomic repiortoire to include such things as “meat” and “fruit” and “medication” once again.
I’ll be back soon with some summer and holiday tales, posts that have been written in my head for months but which I have failed, for some reason to be able to find the will to actually sit down and write. Retrospectively, I think perhaps I was isolating myself a bit, after the let downs of real life, I think I couldn’t bear the thought of you, dear Internet, letting me down as well. But I am back and here to stay. I promise. I’ve missed you greatly.



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  1. Good to hear.

    I recently rewatched S1 of Veronica Mars, too. Verdict: I’ll never be 25 again.

  2. Brittany

    YAY! Erin is back. I am also thinking of revisiting my blog.

  3. Eryn

    Blogging is fun… BrittEny. ;P

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