When it Rains, it Pours.

Or something like that.  If you follow me on Facebook, you are probably aware that I’ve had a bad few days week month.

But, in the style of our new project, Love Hate Review, I’ll start with

The Good:

Spring is here in full force

– which in Florida, means it went from 40 degrees to 90, but I’ll take it. Cold is not fun for the arthritic joints.

Anyway, with spring come dragonflies.

And pool parties.

My Baby is Unrealistically Cute.

See for yourself.

Have I Mentioned we Have an Awesome New Site?

I am having so much fun with it. Reviews and Giveaways, what could be better!

The Bad:

Vaccines are Tricky.

Elijah had his six-month appointment. (Newsflash-he’s huge, but proportionate. And cute) And he got shots that I had been putting off, well… because. Anyway, after the injection, the office has you wait in the waiting room for ten minutes. So I sat down and started feeding him. And as I was, I noticed his face starting to redden. Then his arms, and his chest. Within minutes, his entire body was covered in hives.

Of course, panic ensues.

After we ascertained that he was not in fact, going to go into shock and stop breathing too,  we watched him for a million-year-long hour and his hives started to slowly fade.

But now he can’t get conbo shots, everything has to be separated and he has to be monitored closely, because they have no idea what triggered it, and the next time, the reaction could be much more severe. As if I don’t have enough issues with shots as it is.

Too Much Bodily Fluid, Not Enough Valium.

Pretty much everything in this house has peed, pooped or puked on or near me this month.

Fords Suck.

Yes, we already know this, but Friday, mine completely blew up. Oil mysteriously disappeared and my engine seized. So, no car for two weeks while they replace the engine, and its going to cost eleventymillion dollars.

Arthritis Sucks.

‘Nuff said.


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