Our Spring Break

A few weeks ago our family got into a car- including one poor dog:

And of course baby Elijah- who is now 5 months old:

(Aka: “Squishface,” “Sir Squish”, “Mr Squishford” and “Squishy”. ) Who, in my defense, IS super squishy:

Mom and Dad went too, of course.

Dad, by the way,  weighs less than Kiki when on Uranus.  In case you were wondering. (Mom, on the other hand, prefers to remain weightless)

While we were there, we visited the Science Museum. Obviously. There were dinosaurs!

And although it was  nearly 80 degrees and spring like when we got there,

Mother nature is fickle, and by the end of the week, there were snowflakes to chase:

But,  most importantly, there were friends and family lined up to welcome Elijah into the world.

Great grandparents and grandparents, among many others.

And we even stopped off at the mall so a brave little lady could get her ears pierced.

And Elijah even had his first Passover Matzoh

All in all, it was an adventure, some parts wonderful, some parts sorrowful, bittersweet and exciting. As is life, I suppose.

But it’s also nice to be home. Even though me and the baby seem to have brought the Buffalo plague home with us, (which is less fun when coupled with my RA flare up -Yeah, I apparently have that now and it does not like long car rides or cold weather– and my annoyed pancreas)

Although home may not be so for much longer, as it seems likely we will be moving to Houston. Also, I came home to find out that my oldest child, who just turned eleven, is now officially a woman. Ack. Eek. And Holy shit. I feel old.


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One response to “Our Spring Break

  1. CJ

    At eleven?? Really? OMG!

    Glad you’re back!!

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