I’m taking another break. Obviously.

Sorry.  Having more health issues. Starting waking up with numb hands and feet and stiff ankles again, (It was happening before i got pregnant, but it went away while I was pregnant, so i’d written it off as a random thing)  Over the past month it has returned, and spread, turning  into pain and swelling in almost all my joints. Now I can barely move in the mornings, and then it lessens some, until I start trying to move around or use my hands. It’s become extremely painful and I only have limited use of my hands so no long posts from me until this is figured out.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I don’t think I can handle another chronic illness.



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7 responses to “I’m taking another break. Obviously.

  1. CJ

    I think you should just get pregnant again….it seems that solved the problem!

  2. justmeandthevoices

    Yikes! Doesn’t sound fun at all. Fingers are crossed!!

  3. I hope things feel better soon and that this isn’t something to worry about! Take care!

  4. WTF!?!? why are you sick again? hasn’t god punished you enough already.

    • pandorican

      Hell if I know. More tests tomorrow. On the plus side… I don’t have RA or Lupus and I’ve already gotten Epstien Barr.

      • epsien barr is my new chronic excuse. love it when it’s working for me, otherwise it is misery. did you see i started a blog? i actually have energy to waste my time semi-productively now, as opposed to mafia wars. oh, and I’ve got a new mystery disease too…whoo hoo! but not one to discuss on a public forum.

  5. Wow…..I am coming over from CJ’s site. Sorry you are going through this. My friend has a similar thing. Some kind of auto-immune disorder.

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