The Wonders of Peer Pressure

As requested: The top ten baby products I couldn’t live without.

The Fisher Price Zen swing:

It can be adjusted to swing front-to-back or side-to-side, it plugs in, has music and the entire seat can be lifted out  and easily moved wherever you want. Also, the baby loves staring at his friendly friends on the mobile. In short, this thing has it all.

The 123 Swaddle swaddling blanket by SwaddleDesigns

If you have a baby that enjoys being swaddled, this blanket rocks. Especially if you have a BIG baby that doesn’t fit in the traditional blankets. This is made of a lightweight muslin to prevent overheating, its large enough to swaddle a toddler, and comes with instructions sewn on. My baby loved to be swaddled, but he kicked out of receiving blankets and grew too big for the (also awesome) Velcro swaddlers within weeks. I hunted for a larger size to accommodate my, er, healthy baby, and ended up ordering this. I am glad I did. He has yet to kick out of it, and he generally sleeps from 9pm to 6 am.

Playtex Ventaire Bottles.

After 4 kids, (one with serious colic) you can bet I have tried every bottle ever invented. These are the best. Period.

Zo-Li On the Go travel Formula and Snack Dispenser

Even if you don’t use formula, this thing is awesomely handy as a snack container. But if you DO use formula then you know what a pain it can be to go out for the day with all the car you have to carry around. This allows you to pack up to four bottles worth of formula powder in separate pre-measured containers and it takes up much less room than four bottles or a can of formula. It has a screw on top for easy dispensing, and best of all, its BPA free and comes from an environmentally conscious company.

The Cloud b Twilight Turtle

This was a gift, and it is one of MY favorite things. It projects green, blue (or a combination of both) stars on the ceiling and is the perfect non-blinding nightlight for those middle of the night checkups. And when the baby is awake it gives him cool stuff to look at.

The Boon Squirt spoon

A spoon that you can fill with baby food and squeeze to dispense. Need I say more?

The Diaper Champ

Babies poop a lot. This helps!

Infantino Tag Along Bunny

This was also a gift, and the  blue bunny is the babys bestest friend ever. He’s got a velcro tail and he lives on the handle of the infant carrier carseat. Everytime we put the baby in, his friend gets a HUGE smile. Seriously, he loves this thing.

Also: Feety Jammies and Bibs


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  1. CJ

    Thank you for indulging me! You rock!

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