The ten things I should have blogged about.

If I wasn’t so busy squishing my adorably fat 16 lb 11 week old, I might have written these posts.

In Which my OCD Returns Full Force and I Reorganize the Entire House. With Pictures.

The Twenty Baby Things I Couldn’t Live Without.

Why People Should Shut up About Tiger Woods Already.

Earthquakes Suck. Send Money.

Holy Shit, he Slept Through the Night!

Please Don’t Build an Igloo Made of Pillows on Your Brothers Head.

What I do During my Husbands Business Trips. (And why he should take the credit cards with him.)

Poll: Should We Have More Kids?

Want: Ugly Sweaters Edition

The Obligatory Cute Baby Pictures Post.

Wait, I might just do that last one.



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7 responses to “The ten things I should have blogged about.

  1. Becky

    I want to hear about the baby things and the business trip. 🙂

  2. Staci

    You mean ten things you still should blog about, right?? 🙂

  3. Becky

    To answer the poll- yes. Lots and lots of them. 🙂

  4. CJ

    Glad you went with the cute pictures! Um, I do request you write about The Twenty Best Baby Things you can’t live without. You know, just for future reference??

  5. chaosdiaries

    This totally cracked me up! Oh, the wealth of material that presents itself in a day, if only I had the time and the gray matter to write it all down….
    Love your blog—glad I found it!

  6. KshcheHckrusgdjrk

    Hah! More kids?! Don’t think so!

    • Eryn

      And who might you be? Oh nevermind I see my ex hiding behind some fake name. Well, unlike YOU I actually LIKE my children and don’t pawn them off on my mommy to raise so I can do drugs and sleep with “massage” therapists.

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