No sleep till… Brooklyn?

My six week “internet break” is officially up. If you are still here,  I appreciate you bearing with me while I spent some time focusing on my family and adjusting to ( and recovering from) the new baby.

Who is awesome, if you were wondering. I mean,  except at 3 am when hes awake again after getting up at 1 am for no apparent reason. Then: not so awesome. But mostly, he is awesome and snuggly and he has the fattest little feet that I just LOVE to squish. I’m just in love with him.

How can I not be? Seriously.

So, I can’t promise that I’m going to be posting anything that requires brain cells anytime soon, but I am working on getting back to writing. I promise.

P.s. Happy Hanukkah.



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2 responses to “No sleep till… Brooklyn?

  1. CJ

    He is SO cute!! Welcome back!!

  2. Becky

    We have such cute squishy babies! 🙂

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