The Boy: The short version

We went to the hospital Wednesday morning. I was already about 4 cm dilated when I arrived.  They hooked me up to an antibiotic because I’d tested positive  for Group B Strep. At around 10 am, they started the Pitocin. Things went along fine for a few hours, and around 2pm the doctor came back and broke my water.  I was still just a little over 4 cm, but starting to get uncomfortable, so I asked for an epidural. Around 3:30, they hooked that up, and upped the Pitocin a lot. I had a very relaxing hour, and then I started feeling odd pain on one side of my body. The nurse kept telling me  it was “just pressure”.

After about an hour of that, ( I was about 7cm at this point) they FINALLY went and told the anesthesiologist, who then came back and upped the medicine, to no avail. He told me to give it 15 minutes and then he’d re do the catheter it if it still wasn’t working.

He left, and the Doctor came in and started breaking apart my bed.  Apparently I didn’t have 15 minutes. After putting my own legs up in the stirrups, which apparently drove the point home that HEY MY EPIDURAL isn’t working – to the nurse- I was told to push with the next contraction. At this point, I was in the VERY BAD PLACE but instead of freaking out like I did the last time around, I decided that I was going to be DONE NOW. So. I pushed. And pushed. And pushed. Literally. Three times. And he was born.




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6 responses to “The Boy: The short version

  1. Staci

    He is beautiful. Congratulations!!!

  2. glummum

    He’s beautiful! Congrats!

  3. Brittany

    He is so beautiful! I want to squish him!

    He looks a lot like Kiki. :))

  4. Congrats, he is beautiful!

  5. YAY!!!!! This is the best story I’ve read all day. Congratulations!!!

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