I haven’t had a baby yet. Thanks for asking.

I’ve spent a lot of time- well, killing time- with things like “imaginary Facebook farming” and “pretend fish tanks”, which really, tells you what a loser I actually am.

I also signed the consent form for the kid to get the HINI vaccine. I cringed a little as I did it, but in the end, the same reasoning I applied to MY decision to get the shot, applies to her as well.

Of course, now it looks as though I may not get the shot anyway, because by the time my OB gets it, I won’t (please gods) be pregnant anymore, and therefore not high priority enough. So all that stressing was essentially for nothing.

Then, today, the kid comes home from school covered in snot and running a fever. Which means we will all have the swine flu by the end of the week anyway.   Sigh. I’m going to take a nap.  Someone wake me in 2 weeks, ok?



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2 responses to “No.

  1. Poor baby!! I’m struggling with the H1N1 issue as well.

    But now they’re saying pregnant women should NOT get it. Or did they change their minds again?

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