Yep. Still pregnant.

I’m at that phase when people no longer have any hesitation about making random, (largely inappropriate) comments about my pregnancy, their own pregnancies (and labors and mucus and sibling rivalries)  and well, anything else they deem might possibly be relevant.

I nod and smile at the “Wow, how are you?” ‘s and the “I bet you are ready to have that baby, huh?” I suffer through strangers groping my belly with a smile for the most part. I’ve done this before. I know there’s something almost magnetic about a very pregnant woman. I understand that people can’t help telling you their own labor stories when they encounter someone about to give birth. It’s like some kind of hormonal turrets.They just can’t help it.

But there are some things that should not be said.

Suggesting, that perhaps the doctors made a mistake, and asking if I’m sure there is only one baby… well.  That I could do without. It does not help the crazy any. Especially when it comes from a nurse.  Just when I’d finally stopped Googling “hidden twin” too.

Also, telling me that your six year old burned down the house when you brought the new baby home, because she was jealous is probably something else that’s better left unsaid.  (Mostly because I’m going to come home and post on my blog about how your 6 year old should have been put on some serious  meds and please keep her away from my cats, k?)

Sigh. Almost done.



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6 responses to “Yep. Still pregnant.

  1. Becky

    Fine! I won’t tell you about my mucus anymore… 😛

    Just SEE if you get a phone call when she gets here…. uh huh….

  2. justmeandthevoices

    Oh you poor thing!! Try not to hurt anyone, OK? 😉

  3. glummum

    I remember when my aunt asked when I was due, and I wasn’t pregnant.

    Hang in there. They mean well. Well, most of them…..

  4. Random

    Hmmm…. don’t they make shirts that have Buddha on them? As long as people are rubbing your tummy inappropriately, seems like that would be good. 🙂

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