NEW TV!!!!! (Or: Why 90210 Still Sucks)

*Spoiler warning*

I am beyond thrilled that the new television season has started. I know, it’s sad. But seriously. TV is awesome. With a few notable exceptions. For example:


...still sucks.  They managed to  drag a “sext” out for three episodes. That’s three hours of my life spent watching Annie try to convince everyone she’s not really a slut, while actually being a slut. And I get that they are trying to illustrate her decline into bad girl-ism that was prompted by her drunken running over of the hobo from last season, but honestly, no one cares. And yet, I’m still watching.

Mostly because it gives me things to make fun of.

Melrose Place

Since 90210 apparently worked out so well for them, they decided to bring this gem back as well. And I admit, I watched the first series. ( I watched 90210 as well, but fuck if any of it was memorable enough for me to even recall more than the characters names and bad hairstyles.)

In other words, it’s about the same as it was before, which is to say: Not as bad as 90210. Mostly because there’s more murder and less “sexting” and whining.  While it’s not something that is in my first string of shows, or even my second string, I can see it being mildly entertaining. I kind of wish they’d get over the whole flashback thing though. I get that they are trying to connect the old show with the new show, but, really, why? No matter how much you mention that Michael helped Sydney fake her death in the past, most of us don’t care anymore. We are over it. Move on to the new drama.

Anyway…So far Vampire Diaries and Glee are my favorite new shows.  Glee is truly funny with likable characters, and Vampires Diaries is much less cheesy than I was expecting it to be. Yes, there are vampires in high school. So I was expecting more Twilight-ish, teenybopper drama, but it’s got enough of a plot to keep my interest for now. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good vampire show.  (And no, I have not read the books.)

NCIS: LA was something I had high hopes for but the first episode didn’t do much for me.  NCIS was one of those shows where it took awhile to build up an understanding of the characters. I didn’t instantly relate to any of them right off the bat, but I will give them time to grow on me, because the original NCIS’ers sure did. (Although it helped that Tony was once in Dark Angel and Abby is awesome.)

The Good Wife was well written but probably poorly named, as it seemed to have more to do with her  doing lawyerly-type stuff and not so much wifely-type stuff. The whole humiliated politician’s wife thing is a premise that seems almost secondary to everything else. I understand they were probably trying to draw people in with the scandal of it all, being “ripped from the headlines” and everything, but that can only get us so far. I didn’t hate the show, but I don’t see it lasting long either. 

Mercy had potential. I liked the characters enough to ignore the fact that it’s yet another medical drama. They portrayed nurses more accurately than some of the other shows out there, which I appreciate also. 

Forgotten was neat, (but again- more of the same cop-show-meets-cold-case type drama that seems to be everywhere lately) though I feel it’s a bad omen that Christian Slater is the star, seeing as the last drama starring him lasted exactly 73 seconds.  I didn’t even get around to watching an episode before it was canceled.  Also, is the victim going to voice over the whole show, every time? Cause that could get annoying.

For clarification, my first string of shows refers to the shows I watch as they are on. Shows I am willing to even sit through commercials for. Second string are the shows I watch on the DVR  first, and third are those shows which I record, but don’t rush to watch. Fourth- shows that are  in a time slot where I  have to choose one NOT to record and will sometimes get watched online later or on DVD in the summer.

My first shows are generally: House, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, and NCIS. Oh, and of course, Simpsons and Family Guy. And Lost, when it’s on.

Some second’s include: Gossip Girl, (I know. Shut up. Chuck Bass amuses me, O.K.? ) Lie To Me, Fringe, Desperate Housewives, Smallville, Criminal Minds,  The Mentalist, Brothers and Sisters, Dollhouse and Chuck, when it’s on.

90210, Melrose Place,  Law and Order SVU, CSI’s NY & Miami, Num3ers,  and most of the new shows are on the third tier.

Heroes has been relegated to 4th. I’m not even bothering this season, but I might watch the DVD’s at a later date.



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3 responses to “NEW TV!!!!! (Or: Why 90210 Still Sucks)

  1. I am sooooooooo mad that I missed the season premier of House on Monday. Our U-vere was screwed up! Hopefully they’ll re-run it or maybe I can watch it on hulu.

  2. Ohhh I love a lot of the shows that you are watching also.

    90210..yeah still watching, cannot pry my eyes off of it. Vampire Diaries I LOVE! House, Greys Anatomy, Private Practice (next week), Survivor, the list goes on.

    FlashForward started up last night (DVR was too full to record), but it also comes on Friday nights at 8PM; looks interesting, so I will be DVR’ing to check it out.

  3. Yeah, I’ve come to the point where I need another DVR. 😉 I couldn’t record Flash Forward either.

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