Product Review: Burts Bees Natural Acne Solution

As I have mentioned before, I’m a BzzAgent. If you are not familiar with  it, basically it means I get to try free products in exchange for talking about them and sharing with my friends and family (and in some cases, random strangers in supermarkets). Usually I do this through other outlets, but from time to time, when I really enjoy a product, I like to share it here as well.

(Also, I’m not getting out much lately, what with being a million months pregnant and all.)

Anyway, I was SO excited to be invited to try some products from Burt’s Bee’s Natural Acne Solutions line.

To be fair, I am biased. You see, I already love Burt’s bees. The Kid has terrible eczema, and I have been using Burt’s Bee’s Shampoo and Body Wash on her for years. Seriously, it’s an all in one head to toe cleanser that doesn’t make her scream like a banshee when it gets in her eyes, and it does not irritate her already super sensitive skin. It is also 96.8% natural and doesn’t cost nearly as much as some similar products available.  I highly recommend it.

So, anyway, being pregnant as I may have mentioned before, does wonderful things to your body. And your skin.

And me being me, I  tend to shy away from using chemical laden skin products even when I am not busy gestating. So this product line was an absolute godsend, appearing in my life at exactly the right time. I needed something to help combat the hormonal pregnant-face, something that wasn’t going to grow the baby an extra head or so.  So I gave them try, and, just WOW.

I am in love.

The  Purifying Gel Cleanser made my skin feel so amazing afterwards, I can’t even tell you.  And the spot treatment works quickly.  Also, as an added bonus, the company seems to genuinely care for the environment and honestly seems to strive for ways to make their products better and more eco-(and body) friendly. They even teamed up with the Natural Products association  to create a Natural Standard.

(You know how lot’s of products claim to be “natural” now? Yeah. They aren’t, because the use of the word isn’t regulated. But if it has the Natural Seal,  then it meets these regulations)

Here’s the cool part.  I have a bunch of samples of the spot treatment to give away. They come in two packs, so there’s one for you, and one for a friend to try. And I will mail them out to the first ten people to leave a comment telling me their thoughts on Burt’s Bee’s! (You’d also need to email me your snail mail address!)



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5 responses to “Product Review: Burts Bees Natural Acne Solution

  1. magandmoo

    i haven’t tried the skin care stuff, but the lip balm is fabulous. i have it everywhere so it’s always within reach. it’s wonderful. it’s not as waxy feeling as chap stick. i recommend this stuff to everyone.

  2. Wendy H.

    I love the Burts Bees baby items! They are awesome products!

    • Confused Wookie

      Troll… only posting for free stuff. Well, I didnt want to spend the $.42 cents to send you something, but the woman instisted.

      So… one slightly used chapstick is on it’s way. No worries, as it was only used once…. on the cat’s butthole.

  3. I got this also from bzzagent, but have yet to try it. Jordan breaks out real bad on his face, so your saying that the cleanser & spot treatment will work? Normally we have him wash his face with the Dial liquid soap (orange) and it works (if he keeps up with it).

    • pandorican

      Try it! I like it because it is gentle and does not dry my skin out, but if hes having bad issues, he might need stronger or prescription stuff.

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