Lying to the children.

So, the kid lost another tooth. (And is now officially a goofy looking first grader with no front teeth.) And she left it out, under the pillow in her playroom.

Why the playroom you ask?

Because, well, because the tooth-fairy didn’t want to risk waking up 3 kids in2 twin beds by crawling over them to get to her pillow while 1754 months pregnant get um, confused about who’s pillow to look under when there was three kids in her room when she lost her first tooth a few weeks ago, so we decided to find a special spot for it.  A spot that has now become the official tooth spot, 3 teeth later.

So anyway,  He finally couldn’t stand it anymore and ripped out this tooth that has been dangling from a thread for two weeks now she lost a tooth. And she put it in her baggie, and left it under the pillow.

And the bad bad parents tooth-fairy ended up going to bed at 9:00 and completely forgetting about the tooth.

So the next morning, I get up after everyone else, and find a very upset child who wants to know where the tooth-fairy was and why she’s slacking at her job and making sweet 6 year olds cry.

Um. Fuck.

So my husbands story, which he told before I got up, was that maybe she had an emergency,  like maybe she was in a car accident. Or something.

God, so now not only is the kid sad that she got no money, but now shes imagining the tooth-fairy all mangled in a car wreck. Thanks Dear.

So she asks me, “Mommy, did the toothfairy get in an axdiddent?”

“Of course not.  She probably just, um…. um.. I know. I bet because you slept in your tent, she thought you weren’t home! Yeah! And I bet if you sleep in your bed tonight, she will come again! I’ll even call her and let her know you will be home and in your bed tonight, okay?”

Sigh. Crisis averted. Who knew lying to your kids was going to be so tough?

Update: The tooth-fairy totally made it last night, with extra cash, and shows no signs of having been hideously mangled by a car accident.



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6 responses to “Lying to the children.

  1. Brittany

    I love reading your blog. These stories crack me up.

  2. glummum

    The tooth fairy would be too busy to make it to our house sometimes…..after 4 or 5 days though, I think Youngest might have figured it out. : )

  3. Ahhhh, yes, been there, done that. Our tooth fairy couldn’t fly to our home due to a bad rain storm. You did know that rain wets down their wings, didn’t you?

    Love the missing-front-two-teeth thing. Too cute.

  4. Brittany

    Ohhh and conveniently our tooth fairy( rather large and hairy tooth fairy) slept through his job last night as well. I think he will have another tooth for pick up tonight as well.

    You jinxed us.

  5. pandorican

    I just pictured Mike in a tutu and wings and I can’t stop laughing.

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