Yes, tomorrow, after a year and  8 months,  I get to see my girls! This is the first time they will be visiting me here. I can’t freaking wait. I mean, yeah, I am full of all sorts of paralyzing fears emotions and such, but mostly I am excited.

In other news, I know everyone wants belly pics and ultrasound shots, but seriously, I am gigantic and camera shy right now, and I feel a little weird about posting pictures that all seem to have arrows directed at my son’s genitalia.

Wow, my son.  Sounds weird.  I am going to have a son.

Um, anyway.  Ill try to find some non genital pointing pics to post, and perhaps a belly shot, though don’t plan on seeing my face until this kid is oh, 6 months old or so.  (For some reason that’s where I tend to gain weight when pregnant, don’t ask me why. Yes, besides the scary gihugantic belly of doom. )



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4 responses to “Tomorrow

  1. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. I know how weird those first few minutes are for me just seeing mine every two weeks, I can’t imagine nearly 2 years. I’m incredibly happy for you though!!!!! 😀

    Camera shy my ass, I demand pics! 😛

  2. pandorican

    Thank you. Maybe, MAYBE pics.

  3. I just want to pop on and say that I hope you are having a lovely visit with your girls!!

  4. Thanks. So far so good. I’ll post about it once they are gone!

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