I know. It’s been awhile.  I simply haven’t been in a writing place.

I’m ok. I am. Mostly. Sort of.

The baby is doing well. I did the early screen, because the AFP won’t give us accurate results because of, well.  Because. And it came back perfect. In six weeks I will go back for a more detailed ultrasound, to check out the organs and such.

I have seven different appointments with various places over the next two months.  Specialists for me and the baby on top of regular dr’s appointment. And an ENT, for me, because my ear tumor may have reappearred.

I’m also shackled to a blood pressure cuff.  It’s been high, and one doctor put me on meds I didn’t need, even though I told them WHY it was high. (Pain. Duh. Needless to say, after the meds made me feel like I was dying, I found a new doctor.)

When I am not in pain, my BP is  fine. And while numerous doctors and specialists have told me that the medicine I used to manage the pain will NOT hurt the baby or cause birth defects, no one wants to actually give it to me.

Which I understand on some levels… but shouldn’t it be my choice? Nothing is 100% safe. And managing a pregnancy with underlying chronic health issues is all about calculated risks and if the benefits outweigh those risks or not.

Anyway, I am doing the best I can, but I can’t promise I will be a ball of sunshine for the next five or six months.


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  1. Take it easy. Will be thinking of you and hoping that ball of sunshine in your belly is doing well.

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