Spring Break

Spring break passed uneventfully for us, one trip to the zoo and a few play dates was pretty much it- I wasn’t up for anything extremely exciting or spectacular. I’m still dealing with the extreme exhaustion that seems to be a side effect of the double dose of hormones I’m getting. I hope this ends soon, because I know the man would really like me to be able to get off the bed and perhaps do some laundry or vacuum or file the mountains of shit accumulating in the office. ( Instead I sat on the bed with a book and a box of Little Debbie’s while he stripped the wallpaper and painted the upstairs.)

Have I mentioned how much I love and appreciate him lately?

Still, if you have an in with the gods, I would really like some energy back, and also I have a small request for a break from the health problems as well. Please? I just got over strep, and now they suspect my ear tumor may have grown back and I just can’t take any more of that right now, ok?  Give me a few months to make healthy babies. That’s all I’m asking. Ok?

Wait.. I lied. I’d also like someone to make the dogs calm the hell down and behave. I don’t want to get rid of them, but the big one wont stop well, being an asshole, and I’m worried shes going to step on the babies, or knock me down, and the little one, well, the little one ate my fucking carpet. And the adjoining wall.


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One response to “Spring Break

  1. glummum

    If you send me some little debbie’s, I will pray for you : )

    Feel better!

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