I found myself standing naked in the kitchen the other day, peeling an orange over the sink. It was one of those navel oranges with the incredibly thick peels. Bright and vibrant, it came off in these thick chunks. And the orange itself smelled incredible. So much so that I wanted to eat the peel too.

At about this point, the man came in and just kind of looked at me.

“What? I’m peeling an orange.” I say.

” I see that.” he replies.

” Shut up. It smells good.”

” Uh-huh.” Sensing one of those weird hormonal pregnant woman things, he backs out of the room.

Mostly it’s the way things smell. It’s common for the sense of smell to be heightened in pregnant women, but I have never experienced it at this magnitude before. It’s kind of weird.

I find myself standing outside and just sniffing the air sometimes. Right now, I can smell spring. And it smells amazing.


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One response to “Senses

  1. CJ

    I had that too, only I picked out BAD smells, or smells that aren’t bad until you multiply them…like raw chicken. Blech!

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