An Addendum:

1-No, I do not know yet if they are fraternal or identical. They may not be able to tell. As of now, they have two sacs, which is very good. Not sure on how many placentas. They  both have visible, strong heartbeats. I’m probably 7/8 weeks. I go back in two weeks to measure again.

2- Yes. I’m high risk now. Bring on the panic.

3- Dad took it better than I expected. We are both still in shock though. Mostly excited, but worrying about how we are going to manage financially.  Especially with the news that my other kids may be here for part of the summer. (Oh, I didn’t mention that yet? I’ll get to it soon. Yay to the nth degree! But also, requires several thousand bucks we don’t really have.)

4- How am I? I’m thrilled, and amazed, and very happy for the confirmation that I am not, in fact, crazy.  I’ve been having dreams of twin boys since my first pregnancy. I had a dream two days ago where they did an ultrasound and saw two babies. Then it happened, and it was surreal.

5- Yes. The kid knows. She doesn’t really grasp it yet, but she knows. I know some people avoid telling their kids in case something happens, but if something were to happen, she would probably notice, and I don’t feel that she needs to be shielded from it.

6- Yes, I am aware of how hard/tiring/exhausting/etc it will be. Trust me, it’s crossed my mind.

7- Yes, I’m also aware that this means I will now be a mother of five. Five!!

8- A few weeks ago, The man asked me if it was normal to be as big as I am, as early as I am. After I stabbed him in the leg with my fork, I told him it was probably because this was my fourth pregnancy. Turns out, it’s because it’s my fourth and fifth. The fact is, I feel bigger- my uterus feels huge! I’m extremely tired, dizzy and nauseated. Much more so than in any previous pregnancy. I’m also swollen and gaining weight fast. Which is all apparently normal and makes me feel much better.

9- No. We Have no names yet. But here’s a list of things we probably won’t pick:

  • Taylor and Tyler
  • Isaac and Isaiah
  • Ethan and Evan
  • Christopher and Christian
  • Jayden and Jaylen
  • Ella and Emma
  • Kayla and Kyla
  • Megan and Morgan
  • Mia and Mya

(Though I kind of like Ethan and Evan) Our letters are probably going to be E and M.



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2 responses to “An Addendum:

  1. glummum

    Holy Schmoley! Congrats x 2!

    That #4 about the dream of twins gave me the chills…..surreal is the perfect word for it. Wow,

  2. Wowee, that is amazing news! Congrats a thousand times over. And, yeah, with my first, I gained enough to carry triplets but was only carrying one.

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