I’ve spent days crying about how I look in my wedding pictures. (Wow, it feels weird to say that. Wedding pictures. Yay!)

I partially blame hormones. For the crying part. For the other part-well, yes- I’m pregnant. And bloated and generally bleh. Can’t exercise, can barely get out of bed. So… I’m huge. And…  Not happy with myself physically right now. Or at least, I wasn’t until I really thought about it.

See, I’m not even supposed to be able to gain weight. Because of the sick. Drastic weight loss is one of the side effects, that I will inevitably get. But, you know what? Once I do, I won’t be able to support a pregnancy. Because it will mean I am no longer absorbing nutrients the way I should.  So if being huge means I get to have a healthy baby, then I’ve decided I’m okay with it for now.

I admit though, It made me feel a little odd, especially knowing that hundreds of people clicked over from GGC to see my wedding photos because of this post.

Which, is awesome, but it’s also a little weird. I want to subtitle every picture with “I’m not really this fat.”  I look at the pictures and it doesn’t even feel like I’m looking at me.

It’s… weird.

So, I’m just going to focus on the reason. And ignore pictures of myself for the next several months.



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4 responses to “So…

  1. Wendy

    After I got married I felt the same way about my pics, but I wasn’t pregnant in mine, I was just plain old fat. But each year that has passed, when I look at those pictures my eyes are drawn to the looks on our faces. It’s wonderful to have pics of that moment in time, but the important part is knowing that you are married to someone who makes you happy, who you enjoy being with. And in the pics of your wedding, I see it in both your faces.
    So when you look at those pics, look at your faces, your eyes. And see that wonderful look of love that passed between the two of you in that moment.

  2. pandorican

    Thanks Wendy. That’s good advice. I’m just focusing on the fact that I’m healthy enough to have this baby and that’s all that matters. And, I WAS incredibly happy in that moment.

  3. CJ

    Um, you are beautiful. Period. And you are having a baby. And you’re beautiful. And we love you. And you’re having a BABY!

  4. thank you Cj. 😉 I’m also hormonal.

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