I’m back! With words! Well…maybe.

Aside from being totally swamped with wedding stuff, I’ve also been functioning on a much lower dose of medication and an insufficient amount of caffeine.

Honestly, I can barely get out of bed, let alone write.

But I want to, need to, share this with you.

Saturday was amazing. It really was. C came over early and helped with the decorating, bearing bunches of flowers and glass for centerpieces.

The geek toys got kicked off the mantle for this occasion.Even the kid helped decorate…

"Mommy and Moo's wedding"

H, N and M came bearing food and drinks: Food and flowers.More food and flowers

These are the yummiest things ever.And of course, B made the cake of awesomeness:

Mmmm cake.That’s my bouquet, made by me, from roses my mother sent me.

My dress, was actually a prom dress, black, ( as many people have commented on) to hide the growing belly. I got dressed, with the kid, as E followed me around and took amazing photos.

getting dressedThe officiant, who was awesome, and fast, ( and found by H)  came to say hello before I walked out to meet my groom,

I knew i'd find a use for that thing.It’s amazing what you can do with sheets and some paper lanterns from the dollar bin at Michaels.

It was really windy.

ack!But I made it.

yay!And then we partied! I wish I could show you the incredible people who helped make this happen.

And to, make it all just that much more amazing, a bunch of them pitched in to get us a hotel room next weekend for our “honeymoon”.  I couldn’t ask for a better wedding, or a better group of friends.



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3 responses to “Words.

  1. usagi

    this is the first time I see a bride in a black dress, but man, you look awsome……and the decorations are gorgeous..

  2. CJ

    And you almost didn’t want to do it that way! Tell me I was right to tell you to let people help! Do it, make my day!

  3. ok, ok, you were right!

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