Checklist for this week.

1- Tone arms to a non-wiggly state.

2- Sit in the sun long enough for Geek-Grey pallor to subside- but not long enough to burn!

3- Wrap random crap with white ribbon.

4- Puke

5- Let my family know we are having an actual wedding.

6- Start thinking about the fact that I’m already pregnant looking, and then  curl up in a ball and hyperventilate for awhile. Hurray for fourth pregnancies. (Omg, just saying that makes me freak out.)

7- Teach the kid to throw flowers. Not AT people.

8-  Make the thing in the yard -which is really just a frame for another thing that I tried to grow jasmine up-look festive.

9- Clear the path I will be walking outside of race cars, molehills, dog poop and plastic shovels.

10- Panic, in general.

11- Find a way to thank these awesome people who are doing so, so much for us.


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One response to “Checklist for this week.

  1. glummum

    Don’t worry, it will be perfect : )

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