Since you twisted my arm and all. :)

It looks like I AM doing something after all. My wonderful group of friends, who make me cry continuously, are all pitching in to help us have a small ceremony in our yard, next Saturday.  (I will not hyperventilate)

Do you think it’s ok to get married in Converse and a NIN T-shirt?



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5 responses to “Since you twisted my arm and all. :)

  1. WookieLover1224

    I don’t see why not. I mean… I’m getting married in a bright red banana hammock, black dress socks pulled up to my knees and sandals.

    And maybe a trucker hat that says “I brake for boobs!”

  2. HELL YES.

    YAY 😀

  3. Wendy

    I so wish we could be there! We’ll be thinking about you two on your big day. =)

  4. Exactly WHAT you wear is not as important as that it matches the overall Star Wars theme.

    Best wishes for a happy day! Is next Saturday this Saturday or the one after that?

    Some of the kids Register at places that have wedding gift ideas, like Star Wars posters, for their friends to select from.

    • pandorican

      The one after that, A week from tomorrow. Steve is trying to wear a Darth Vader costume. But I don’t think I’d make a good Leia.

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