Some good news

I feel rather weird saying this, but, I’m getting married!

After years of waiting for the right time, (and the money) to actually have a wedding, we’ve decided to just go ahead and do it. As in, go to the courthouse and do it. Soon.

Really. We bought wedding bands yesterday. Tomorrow we go apply for the certificate.

Neither of our families is thrilled that we aren’t doing anything, (My family at this point =my mother. The rest don’t know or don’t care.)

Here’s the thing, we have both been married before.  And we have much more important things to spend money on right now. Like food and our mortgage. (Who doesn’t, right now?)

I’m not really a girly-girl as I believe I’ve mentioned, so most of it I could care less about. But, I admit, part of me is upset we won’t at least have fancy pictures. (And an awesome party with shiny presents …ooooh. Shiny.)

But most of me is just happy. Really happy.

Blurry love

Blurry love



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7 responses to “Some good news

  1. Rowan

    The actual marriage is the important thing, obviously; it seems such a waste to blow money on a ceremony when really all that matters is your love for each other.

    At any rate, you can always renew your vows a few years down the line and have a fantastic ceremony, if you want it then.


  2. glummum

    Awww, congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! So happy for you both! I’m sure the day will be so special for you.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! And yah, the shiny stuff is nice (or so I’ve heard, ours was tiny too) but the marriage is way more beautiful.

  5. Brittany

    Ohhh that is great news!! Awesome!

    Maybe you guys can have a sweet and short romantic getaway.

    Also go down to St Augustine. They have the cutest little chapel that I believe is part of the courthouse. I think St Augustine is a very romantic place. Maybe you could stay in a bed and breakfast there.

    I am so excited for you and S. :adore

  6. pandorican

    Rowan, Thank you, and…True, we could do something later- but we probably won’t. There are so many other things to spend money on that just seem much more important than a silly ceremony.

    Glummum and FOM and Katie Thank you all for your well wishes! It means a lot.

    Britt- TY<3 Will check out St Aug. Mom already offered to watch the kid for a weekend for us, but not for a few months. May take her up on that, if she convinces me she can handle the kid AND the dogs.

  7. CJ

    I am so happy you are happy! Woo hoo! Girly’s gettin’ married!! Girly’s gettin’ married! Yippeeeeee!! (Doing a happy dance, don’t watch!)

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