Random Mom Thoughts

So, I had this whole depressing post lined up to auto-post today. It was actually meant for yesterday, because I have sort-of arbitrarily decided that Wednesdays are now going to be “Depressing Wednesdays”, and therefore the only day I allow myself to talk about the crappy crap. Though, the post will probably go up tomorrow, or over the weekend, or maybe even later today, because If I wait until next week, it will be too late. That’ll make sense later. Also, I have a few announcements coming up too, so stay tuned.

Anyway, since like a zillion and twelve new people stopped by yesterday for the “Gap Can Suck It” post, and the solidarity of us moms V.S. Stupid T-Shirt makers, has put me in an awesome mood, I decided to go with something a little less morbid.

Which, well, gets you a completely random stream of conciousness rambling, apparently.

I had this parenting epiphany this morning. Some people, they can’t wait, absolutely can not wait until their children can talk. Or walk. Or play video games. You know what I can’t wait for?

Her to be able to do her own hair.

As I’ve maybe mentioned, I’m so not a girly-girl. I hate, hate hate hate doing hair.  My own hair, is generally washed, brushed and then tied in a knot. Where it stays, until I untie it a day later to rinse and repeat. Literally.

No matter how much I mess with her hair, no matter what product or clip or accessory I use, it looks like crap in 4.2 seconds flat every time.  And her hair is so thin and wispy, it just pulls out of any hair-tie immediately. And ends up looking rather like a bird’s nest. Look, she even made birds for it. (Butterflies too, because all the animals live in harmony in this kid’s head)

My superhero. With famous sidekick, Super Chihuahua.

No that you can tell there, but the kid’s hair is down to her butt. And I really don’t want to cut it, because it’s beautiful and awesome. But I also don’t want it to look like crap all of the time. So: Help!

(Yes, that is the aforementioned “Dinosaurs are People Too” shirt from Target, in case you were wondering. Which reminds me: Must go check out Kohl’s boy’s shirts.)


The other day, she jumped in the car, after school and announced proudly:

“I’ve decided what I am going to be when I grow up!”

Me, warily: “Oh?”

Her: “A super-jaguar.”

Me: “Hmmn. What made you decide this?”

Her: “Because I want to save people, and also, fight. Hiiiiii ya!”

Me: ” That’s my girl.”



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5 responses to “Random Mom Thoughts

  1. glummum

    Love the birds and butterflies : ) Not sure what to tell you about the hair. Both my girls take care of their own hair now, and when it starts getting long and knotty, they cut it and donate to Pantene Beautiful lengths (they only need 8″). One time we cut a knot out of my youngest’s hair that literally looked like a birds nest. Luckily it was underneath everything at the back of her neck.

    And we did get to Kohl’s last night. Most of the t shirts are in the young men’s dept. A few are in boys. DD found one with “toad” on it. If you know Mario, you’ll know toad. I found one in boys that made me crack up. Shows ears of corn watching the microwave popping micro-popcorn, and has caption of “horror movie”. Maybe I’ll post it over on my blog….

    And a super-jaguar is WAY better than a princess or ballerina.

  2. pandorican

    I made it to Kohl’s earlier. I ended up with Mario shirts for her and I. I didn’t see the Toad one though.
    I was actually happy with their girls stuff also. Nothing (that I saw) was disgusting, sexist or inappropriate. Pink, sure, but mostly animals and designs.

  3. glummum

    DD would die if I got a t shirt to match hers. Hehe. Maybe it would be worth it…..just to embarrass her.

  4. pandorican

    Oh, they’re not the same shirt. That would be funny, though.

  5. usagi

    I used to pester my mom to do my hair too, cause my classmates used to have gorgeous hair everyday…but whenever my mom do my hair, she’ll end up tying one pigtail higher than the other or hair falling from all over the place.. but I still wanted her to do my hair. I guess, its just nice…it doesn’t really matter what the hair look like in the end.. But anyway you can try some mousse or hair wax or those hairbands with a bow on it.. Always works for me.. sorry if I sound very nosy…

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