Want: Geek Shirt Edition

There’s a million and twelve weird T-shirts out there, but these are my favorites of the week, in no particular order:

I'm so ninja I can disquise myself as a shark.I especially enjoy the Aahh! on this one! In case you forgot what you are supposed to say here.

What do you mean this is sold out? Aahh!For previously explained reasons, I need a Tanooki shirt. Yes, NEED.

Look! It's the Evil Capitalist Overlord!This one should also be self explanatory, though if you read the comments on this, you’d know why the man would be the one wearing it and not I.

Yes! Yes!” Ok, here’s how we are going to do it…”

Fuck! I broke another axle!Yet another one from 80’sTees, but I just couldn’t resist. Most of you will get this, unfortunately, but only one of you will know why I find it so amusing at this particular moment in time.

We're off to see the...braiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins!Wizard Of Oz+Zombies=WIN!

Wait, let me check... Yep, I'm still a huge geek...I would SO be a virgin if I was a guy.What collection of geeky shirts would be complete without one involving Pi? Mmmm Pie.

That is all.

*As always, hoversnark enabled.*



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4 responses to “Want: Geek Shirt Edition

  1. CJ

    Geekalicious!! I want to make one that says, “Don’t make me hurt you..I would enjoy it WAY too much!”

  2. pandorican

    I’m sure it exists.I have this belief that anything you can think of, someone has put on a shirt already. It’s like there is a parallel shirt-universe in which all possibilities exist.

  3. I may have to buy the shark one for my 5yo (girl) who is obsessed with sharp toothed animals.

  4. pandorican

    Mine is too. I had to remind her, several times, that alligators WILL eat her, so she wouldn’t try and make friends with them, as we live in Gator Country.

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