Some Non Depressing Stuff

~UPDATED! Now with actual pictures!~

I know lately you’ve been thinking that it’s all about the depressing letters to my lost children and whining about how I. Can’t. Stop. Puking. this week month year lately, And if you are new here you might think I’m one of those people you can only read with a shitload of lithium and enough time for a nap afterward.

But, I promise, aside from the Kids and the Sick, I really DO have other interests. There are other things going on. The dogs are eating new shit every day. And we are making the house a much more fascinating place to be.

For example. This past weekend, we invested in a new plant:THIS IS THE MOST EVIL PLANT IN ALL OF THE UNIVERSE. Don't be fooled by it's innocent appearance. (For a clue about WTF i'm on about, you should be following my inane Twitters. You are missing out on some er, well, some stuff anyway.

Don’t forget to hover over the pictures

Moving on, maybe.

I also got something so thrilling I’m scared to even show you people for fear of it being too much for you.

What? You must see it?

Ah, Ok, I’ll risk it, but you have to promise not to sue me when you fall out of your chair due to the awesomeness of my new…silverware.

Wasn't this worth waiting for?

Yep, it even has a space for our chopsticks. Which we’ve never actually used.

If that is just too much for you, well, you just wait until you see our rocks:

Coming soon:Bushes.

And our dirt:

Yep. That's some dirt, alright.

I know, it’s almost too thrilling to bear.


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One response to “Some Non Depressing Stuff

  1. CJ

    I totally forgot we had that lost kid thing in common….no wonder we get along so well!

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