Because You Need to Know More About my Neuroses

My lower back has been killing me for days. On my left side.

Having kidney stones on that side that have just been hanging out, waiting for the appropriate time to come fuck my life up, I naturally assumed that they were in fact, doing just that.

But now, it’s been awhile, and it hasn’t stopped or moved all that much, so (because I am crazy) I have gone from thinking about it when it hurts to obsessing over it near-constantly.

What if it isn’t a stone and is  something else?

What else could it be?


I refuse to Google this, because every time I Google any health problem, ever, it tells me I have cancer and am going to die. And  I can only handle dying of one thing at a time.

Yes, I AM aware it IS  just a kidney stone, or maybe even an oddly uneven backache cause by Twittering too much. Tell that to my crazy brain, okay?


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