Famous People are Still People

Look, I know how this is going to sound, coming from someone who just spent last night making fun of people, but hear me out.  Also let me start by just admitting that I am a hypocrite in some regards.

People seem to think that because an artist chooses to follow a profession that puts them into the public eye, they loose all rights as a human being and should therefore, just suck it up and STFU about not only the constant invasion of privacy, but also the fact that people keep forgetting they are human. And it drives me nuts.

(I know about five of you are  saying to yourselves “I know exactly what she is talking about,” right now.

No, that’s not it. I mean, yeah, that’s it, but that’s not it.)

This has been bugging me for awhile. Seeing, first hand, the things people feel entitled to say and do to other people based solely on the fact that they have a book written by the guy or have seen his movies once or twice just plain freaks me out. It’s weird and rather scary.

It’s one thing to make jokes about what people are wearing or their strange boob configurations while gossiping and perhaps drunk with friends via Twitter during the Oscars. I know. Cue hypocrisy…now.

It’s quite another, for example, to, oh, say, constantly send them annoying, rude personal messages. It’s another thing to send them death threats because you don’t agree with their choice of roles or political opinion. It’s another to  them and their children with cameras. To intrude upon their private moments and treat these people with zero respect because you think you know them based what you read in a fucking gossip magazine.

I understand that some of it is jealousy coupled by this strange sense of ownership we have for our celebs. They belong to us, we should be able to access them whenever we want. We should be able to see pictures of their most private moments on the Internet whenever we want. Their funerals and their weddings are a part of our culture. And hey, they asked for it when they became celebrities, right?

I understand that some of that is never going to change, no matter how much I bitch.

But people, we can change. We can try to remember that behind the role, behind the music, behind the writing, behind the Twitter, there is an actual person.  And before you go randomly saying shit to that person you should really think about it this way:

Is what you are about to say (or do) something you would  say to a random stranger on the street? To your friend? Is this something you would feel comfortable having someone else saying to you? If it’s not, then you should probably shut the fuck up. Please.



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2 responses to “Famous People are Still People

  1. pandorican

    It’s absolutely related.
    Though, I have to admit I have seen the photo she is referring to.
    What it boils down to is that there is a line there somewhere where it goes from the normal repercussions of living in the public eye to just being fucking creepy and/or rude. I’m not even sure where the line should be drawn, but there should be a line. And that, right there, is wayyy over it.

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