Damn Traffic.

I intended to work on some fun “Want” posts for you today, and do a little research on why doctors don’t know shit about nutrition for something else I am working on. But then the man came home, and I got kicked out of the nice comfy office and on to the laptop from 1985. The one that gives me this strange pain in my leg after its been on my lap for more than a minute. The one that has the mouse that randomly wanders off and does its own thing, no matter what I  do.

Needless to say, I’m not working on those posts now.  I can barely even edit text on this thing, let alone pull pictures off multiple sites. Sorry. I should have had something in reserve for you, but I’ve been busy working on other things this week. (Yes, Fiction. No, you can’t read it yet.)

I could go clean my house instead, but I think I will just go catch up on my TIVO-ing. Ah, TV, how I love you so.

Dear shows on my TIVO: Please don’t suck.



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2 responses to “Damn Traffic.

  1. WookieLover1224

    Dear Pando,

    Suck it up, buttercup! That pain in your leg is the growth of a tumor… which is actually required to counter balance the hole in your side where your gall bladder used to be. Without a big lumpy mass adding weight to that side, you would just limp along in circles trying vainly to reach miniture darth vaders for dog tormenting.

    With the economy in it’s current state, there are plenty people who would LOVE to have a 1985 laptop! One could easily fit a family of five who has lost their house.

    Anyways, this was all just a master plan to suck you into 26 straight hours of CSI Miami… which just involves that weird guy screaming at people “I KNOW YOU DID IT” until someone goes “yup, it was me”.

    Your loving companion,
    Tee Voe

  2. pandorican

    That weird guy has a name you know. Weird guys need love too. Right?

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