I am one of those people who is easily distracted. To the point where I probably shouldn’t even be in charge of anything, ever. (I definitely shouldn’t be driving.)

I will spend time contemplating what shape a puddle on the ground most represents, never mind that it is in the middle of the parking lot and people are just waiting for me to get bored and wander off so they can drive past.

Dropping the kid off the other day at junior prison school, I happened to glance at this huge, Spanish moss covered tree that overlooks the walkways and playground. Nestled among the branches, pretending to look like innocuous lumps, there sat about fifteen vultures (or buzzards or some other equally ugly carrion bird, it’s beside the point.)

The point was, that there were some ugly birds watching the kids, and while I noticed this, and spent entirely too much time thinking about it, (and how I could work it into my next bit of fiction) I did not in fact notice that I was still, actually driving.

I’m easily distracted.  And I’m at a point where I have several things in me that just need to get typed out. I NEED to focus for a bit. Maybe more than a bit. Even though no one is probably ever going to read my stories, I need to write them. Do you know what it is like to have someone else’s life in your head? (I suspect some of you might) It is an odd thing, and it’s cluttering. I’m hoping once I get it all out, this feeling of having multiple personality disorder will go away. Possibly.

So, if I’m not where I used to be, if I’m not Twittering as much, or posting often, its because, well, every time I hear a tweet, I look up, and sometimes get sucked in for hours chasing shiny things. It’s because it’s all a distraction.  It’s because when I do have time, I need to be spending it with my family. I’m going to try to get my morning post out, and I still need a place to put my poo stories and my random snark, but, I can’t say how often I will be here. It might not even change, honestly. But if it does, well, that’s why.


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  1. CJ

    I can top you, not only am I easily distracted, but I am so damn clumbsy it’s unreal! The two are NOT a good combination.

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