Dear Random Googlers:

To you,  whomever asked this of the almighty Google: Is it illegal for an ex husband to not let me talk to my kids?

Probably. But good luck getting anyone to DO anything about it.

Also: Tho whoever found this blog by searching: single parents stating the problem

(I’m going to assume you meant starting here)

This is not the blog you are looking for. Trust me on this one.

I know my post about what a douchebag Ann Coulter is pulling these in and I’m rather amazed at the ways in which one can word, ” Why do single parents suck so much?” Here are some other ones:

single parents versus nuclear family

single parents raising criminals

criminals came from single parent

how much of the prison population comes from single parent

And on and on it goes. I really hope these people are actually reading the post once they get here.

I also get a lot of hits for weird kitchen shit and squishy pillows.  And a few very depressed people with gallbladder problems. And several entitled ones as well:

I deserve a free computer

I deserve free because

And some inexplicable ones:

pandemonium evil marker

Jim jones pop champagne

the temptations together again

here alone feels like my world blast from the past

I really can’t even begin to guess why some of these people were led here. But…It’s nice to know that I am the number one blog for depressed republicans with squishy pillows, weird kitchen fetishes, failing organs and crappy taste in music.


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