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I decided I should probably break of the monotony of woe-is-me-my-life-sucks posts with some humor. I searched far and wide and really, all I got was this, and it’s not even particularly funny:

Witchy Mommy.

“Look, Mommy. It’s a Witch! Like you!”


I have tried to explain to her, many many times, that the stereotype of a witch is a rather nasty thing people made up to demonize people with different beliefs.

I mean, she’s five, so what I actually said was, “Honey, that’s mean, Witches don’t really look like that. You know that. ”

” Look, she even has a wart on her nose!”


I suppose at least she is smiling, (or is that a baby-eating grin?)

Also, um, is that a… surfboard?


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  1. oh my, I bet that makes for some interesting parent teacher conferences.

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